There is nothing more challenging than touring volcanoes or going on a volcano tour. It's on par with other challenging vacation activities like diving or bungee jumping. Volcano tours are quite an experience, it's unique and there's the added thrill of knowing you're exploring an active volcano. Imagine walking along dried lava and having pictures taken on top of a smoking mountain. If you are a person who loves to have a challenge and is fascinated by unique experiences, then make sure you put volcano tours on your holiday plan list. Go on reading this article to find out which volcano that you might wish to check out.

Southeast Asia

Let’s start with the South East Asia. It is famous for volcanoes as a significant part of it lies within the ring of fire in which lots of active volcanoes have erupted in the last three years. The island of Java, Indonesia has more than forty volcanoes. In 2002, four of them erupted in one month. One of the most famous one is Krakatoa. Its eruption shocked the world but now the view is absolutely enchanting. Don’t merely stop on Krakatoa. Go to other challenging volcanoes like Semeru and Bromo in which both are expected to erupt in a month or two. Tourists enjoy the scene of the flowing hot lava and find it interesting. Enjoy the lakes and craters surrounding the volcanoes and it’s a guarantee that you will have a demanding and challenging vacation.

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South Pacific

If the South Pacific is your main destination, don’t miss the Island of Fire where it has become one of the most accessible volcanoes and yet still very active. Tanna Island is the haven for this volcano. Most tourists would not miss the view of the volcano by climbing Mount Yasur which can be visited anytime you want. It is beautiful during the day and even at night. Visitors enjoy its magnificent magma eruption. When visiting this place, there is no need to worry about having places to stay. Whether you want to stay for one night or even for the whole week, there are comfortable resorts available near the area.

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Pacific Northwest

Situated in the Pacific Northwest, Mount St. Helens had a really strong eruption back in 1980. It was estimated that one hundred people died due to that eruption. This place is indeed spectacular with the view of forests as well as the craters. It is the dome of steaming lava which is its main attraction. Nature enthusiasts find the tours especially fascinating since tourist guides point out the forest recovery efforts conducted during the last two decades following the eruption. Traveling to the volcanic crater entranceway and the Spirit Lake are unforgettable parts of these tours.  

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Central America

Guatemala is also one of the best destinations for volcano trips. Located in Central America, it boasts more than seventy volcanoes which have been magnets for hikers. Fuego and Pacaya are the better known of these vocanoes. The most popular is Pacaya , though tourists should pay attention on the guides’ warning as its eruption is very hazardous. To catch a catch a glimpse of lava and ash, tourists will have to go to the summit by hiking. For a more challenging hike, you can go to Fuego which has a more challenging trek with incredible scenery of Antigua.

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If you are brave enough to go for volcano trips, try to obtain guidance from travel agencies. They know about these tours and the best hotels that you can stay in during your visit. There are times when it will be prohibited to enter the volcanoes, best that you should respect this restriction. Otherwise, enjoy the unique and fascinating experience of exploring an active volcano.