I have been out in the outdoors for my entire life, I am especially fond of being in the outdoors during the winter. Over the years I had owned many different brands of winter parkas. My two favortie are Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops.

Last summer I moved to Anchorage, Alaska. Once winter hit, It occurred to me that this winter was on an entirely different scale than the ones I have been through in the past. It made me very happy that I had spent so many thousands of dollars on winter parkas in the past.

Here is a review of some of my favorite parkas.

Cabelas Guidewear  Gore Tex Ice Angler Parka:

Ice fishing is among my favorite winter activities. When I got up here, I realized that this recent acquisition.  I have owned many Guidewear jackets in the past, and they have never been disappointed.

This one was no exception to the rule, with its 200 gram thinsulate Ultra Insulation to keep you warm even when the wind is howling and it is snowing horizontally.

One feature I have been fond of for years is  the heavy-duty velcro that secures things like cuffs. This is so  snow and water will not enter your coat through your sleeves. Heavy duty velcro also keeps your front zipper barrier closed.

Guidewear comes in many different styles, this was just my most recent purchase that I am quite happy with.

What I like about this parka is that it is managable. By this I mean that I am able to move around in it. It is breathable, so I don't sweat very much when I am carrying an ice auger out onto the ice. I also like the fact that this parka allows for my entire range of motion. When I fish I need to be able to move around. Old time parkas were very restrictive of motion.

Bass Pro Shops 100 MPH Gore Tex Rain Parka:

This is a parka that, like the guidewear,  is managable. It is also lightweight and breathable, yet warm and comfortable.

The 100 MPH also has a separate fleece liner that can be purchased, if you feel the need to venture outside in the most adverse of conditions like I do.

What I like about this rain parka is that it has a heavy-duty velcro chin flap. This device can be used to keep intense rain and/or snow out of your chin and neck area. I have experienced this first hand while fishing walleye tournaments on the Illinois River in December. We were driving the boat about 50 mph into slushy snow. I had this flap secured and was wearing goggles. This kept me warm and comfortable enough that I was able to fish immediately upon arrival at our next stop.

Both of these parkas are capable of keeping you warm in very adverse conditions. I would recommend them to someone who is very hardcore and serious about their outdoor winter recreation. One word of caution, if you are thinking about taking up ice fishing as a hobby, make sure that this is something you want to do before purchasing one of these parkas. They are very expensive, and they really don't have much use as an everyday kind of winter jacket. I just don't want to see anybody puchase one of these and then leave it in their basement forever and not use it. I use mine all the time and I love all of them!

Cabelas Guidewear Ice Angler Parka

Cabelas Guidewear ParkaCredit: Cabelas.comCredit: Cabelas.com