Extremely cheap gas powered scooters aren't that terribly hard to find, but you may have do some searching to find a great deal. These are different than their electric and manual kick counterparts. Generally speaking, they are faster and more powerful than the electric version. In addition, you don't need to wait for a battery to charge, you can just fill up the tank and go. I've always called them a weed whacker on wheels. Let's take a look at extremely cheap gas powered scooters.

ScooterX 49cc X-Racer Gas Scooter
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Finding them:

You will find plenty of places to buy cheap gas powered scooters online. There are tons of manufacturers, so competition is quite intense. This helps to keep the costs low for you, the consumer. Here's where you should look for your new ride, for the best possible price.

1.Online auctions: This is one of the best places to get extremely cheap gas powered scooters. You'll find plenty of them on eBay, and other sites. Be sure to take shipping and handling charges into account, so you know you are getting a great deal.

2.Sporting goods stores: There is a little markup on extremely cheap gas powered scooters, so the stores will often have great sales on them. You will want to check out the local fliers, paying special attention to one day sales.

3.Online sellers: There are plenty of sites that specialize in cheap scooters and ride on toys, so you will get plenty of results to sift through on your search. Again, you need to consider shipping charges, or your great deal, may not be.  

Comparing them:

Super cheap gas scooters are readily available. Keep in mind that one with the lowest overall price may not actually be the best deal for you. There is no sense in buying something that will not work for you. If you are looking at extremely cheap gas powered scooters, you should compare a few specific things, whether you're looking at Go-Ped, X-treme, or any other maker.

1.Weight capacity: Some of these can only carry riders up to 150 pounds. If you weigh more than this, it may be able to move you around properly. Worse yet, you could bend the frame, making your extremely cheap gas powered scooters useless and unsafe.

2.Engine size: Don't get too extreme here. Many extremely cheap gas powered scooters have 29cc engines. Getting an engine too big can be very dangerous, especially for children.

3.Top speed: People often see the speed of extremely cheap gas powered scooters and get a little discouraged. Many will only go about 15-20 miles per hour. This is much faster than it sounds.

4.Wheels: You want to make sure the extremely cheap gas powered scooter you choose has nice tires or wheels, that can handle the terrain you intend to ride on. Most are made for pavement, but there are some trail and semi rough terrain models out there.


There are some problems to consider with these units, before you make a purchase. Don't get caught without knowing all you can, or you may purchase something you cannot use.

1.Licenses: Some states require a drivers license to use these units. If you aren't old enough, you may not qualify. Check with the laws in your area before you make your purchase.

2.Where to ride: Some areas have banned the use of these units on sidewalks. This makes extremely cheap gas powered scooters harder to ride, due to limited areas. Some won't work well in your yard either, leaving the road the only option. This can be dangerous.  A 49cc or 50cc scooter is not a toy.

ScooterX Dirt Dog 49cc Gas Scooter * Can ride doubles and do stunts
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