Want to impress your Valentine with an extremely unique gift? Whether you're willing to go up into the air in a Boeing PT-17 or make sex into artwork look no further than this article to find the most unique and outrageous gifts this Valentine's Day. Some gifts you will find intriguing while others down right odd.

Love Is Art Kit

Does the idea of creating art from intimacy excite and intrigue you? If so, you and your lover may be good candidates for the Love Is Art Kit designed by Jeremy Brown. This art kit includes plastic sheets, slippers, body scrubbers, a white canvas and black toxic free and washable paint for the perfect body painting experience. The idea of the kit includes making love atop a canvas with paint on your bodies. When you are finished creating your work you can have it stretched and hung above your bed to remind you of your love encounter. If interested check outAbstract Painting Cheap Valentines Day GiftsCredit: bearvader Uncommongoods.com where the kit is for sale for $60.

Customizable View Master

As a child I couldn't get enough of my plastic red View Master. As an adult you can share your childhood excitement by re-creating a custom View Finder with pictures and words from you to your Valentines. Instead of looking at 3D images of Disney characters or your favorite childhood hero look through the finder to find fun pictures of you together and 3D labels. At $25 for a kit this unique gift is a steal. A kit contains one reel with seven pictures and 3D captions, a viewer and a gift box. You can find this great gift at Image3d.com

Aerobatic Biplane Flight for Two

If you and your Valentine's love is out of this world you may try to reach for the stars in this fun gift experience. For $320 for two you're taken up into the sky and are able to experience the rolls and dives of a Boeing PT-17 over southern Sonoma. For twenty heart palpitating minutes you and your Valentine will scream and try not to throw up your Valentine's Day chocolates while being strapped to an aerobatic biplane. To inquire more about this amazing experience check out Xperiencedays.com.

Valentines Day Activites-PlaneCredit: Suvro DattaSkeleton Swimsuit

If your girl loves all things anatomically correct or has a Gothic flair grab her this creative swimsuit from Blackmilkclothing.com. This skeleton swimsuit will catch the eye of everyone at the pool or beach and will have your Valentine dying to have you " jump her bones". For $90 you can order a swimsuit in a range of sizes. While at blackmilkclothing.com also check out their other clothing articles and unique accessories.

USB Mix Tape

We're not in the 80's anymore or even the hip 90's but anyone would melt for a mix tape. Order the new version of the beloved mix tape at baronbob.com for $19.99. This USB mix tape comes with a thumb drive within a cassette styled case. Holding 1gb of music and photographs you can fill this "tape" with as many Micheal Jackson love tunes as you desire or feel your Valentine can handle. My favorite aspect of this unique gift is the custom-ability. You can write a love note or a list of all of the included songs as well as a title on the front of the tape-like case.

Custom Portrait Stamp

If your girl or guy loves to write or scrapbook you must order them a custom portrait stamp of the two of you! Worth the splurge, for $70 you can order a custom stamp of the two of you from Lilmandrill on Etsy.com. Send the artist a copy of your favorite picture of the two of you and they will carve out a stamp that you can use for years to come. Each stamp is made in France with lots of patience. This gift is especially handy if you're looking at getting hitched and need a fun theme to surround your stationary!

Home Beer Brewing KitBeer Valentines Day GiftCredit: Idea Go

If you're anything like me, you have a difficult husband or significant other to buy for. Great for any beer lover this kit comes with everything you need to brew your own beer from home! This kit can be found at Amazon.com for only $42.95. Before you know it you'll be grabbing a custom cold one and can enjoy all 4 gallons that the kit makes. In addition to the liter bottles, directions, and ingredients the kit comes with a 2 gallon fermenting keg.

If you still are unsure of an extremely unique gift for your Valentine check out thisiswhyimbroke.com and etsy.com. Thisiswhyimbroke.com is filled with unique and fun gifts for people of all backgrounds and hobbys. Etsy.com is an online community of craft artisans and offers a wide variety of customizable gifts.