Their influence far outweigh their numbers because the methods they use can cause disaster nearly
anywhere at a given time. The United States has risen to the top of their enemies list for several reasons. They cite our interference in Middle Eastern affairs as being most important. The entire Middle East
has issues with Israel and our support of that country feeds the fire.

OSAMA BIN LADEN rose to international prominence in 1993, as reports surfaced that the "Saudi financier" had fought in Afghanistan with the mujahedin and "brought many others to the cause." Since then, Bin Laden and his al-Qaeda have waged a war of terror around the world.

After the infidels have been expelled from the land of Islam, bin Laden, like other Islamic radicals, predicts the overthrow of current governments across the Muslim world and the establishment of one united government strictly enforcing Shari'a, or Islamic law.

Al-Qaeda had its origins in the long war against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. After Soviet troops invaded the country in 1979, Muslims flocked to join the local mujahedin in fighting them. Centered in Peshawar, Pakistan, the operation came to be known as al-Qaeda al-Sulbah--the 'solid base.'

The Taliban is an Afghanistan Muslim fundamentalist group that has harbored bin Laden and his followers at some points. While they are dangerous as well, they haven't been known to attack civilian and military targets around the world as Al-Qaeda does.

Much as been made of exactly how these terrorists should be described 'cause the category we decide they belong in may decide how they're treated and brought to justice. In our "feel good" society, the importance of how world perceives us has become a bit too relevant, many feel. When we're criticized
for nearly everything the United States does, how much emphasis should be placed on achieving international approval. Who knows? Our overwhelming Haiti response has even been maligned by some world leaders that claim we're trying to somehow take over that poor and tragically affected society.

Our intentions of helping stabilize the Middle East have become imperative because of the terrorist factions spawned there, but it's like hitting a moving target in the dark. We're unsure who the enemy is and who's capable of becoming our adversary in the future, and the lack of coherence and the lawlessness means that at any given time we may have friends and foes living side by side, and not know eithers' true status, and either of them could switch their allegiances whenever. Any local citizens that approve of us we can openly hope don't decide to become extremists, terrorists, or whatever we choose to call them!

What a mess, to vastly understate things.