The eyes are considered important, yet vulnerable parts of the body. The causes of eye injuries range from insects to flying objects. When the eyes get injured, the victim may have difficulty seeing or even opening them. In worse cases, the victim may even experience temporary or permanent blindness. If you care for your eyes, here are some of the things that can cause eye injury:

  • Negligence – When people do not take care of their eyes, it gets damaged.
  • Pointed objects – Any pointed object can inflict injury or even blindness to the eyes.
  • Small objects – When a small object enters the eye, it may get irritated.
  • Dangerous workplaces – In workplaces, tools and chemicals may cause eye injury.

These are just some causes of eye injuries. When a person is suffering from eye injury, he would be unable to go to work or perform normal activities. For people who do not want to be in that kind of situation, here are some preventive measures:

  • Wear protective eyewear – Wear glasses in given situations. Remember to wear eyewear that fits well and is comfortable.
  • Be aware of the risks of eye injury – If you know how eye injuries are acquired, you may be able to prevent them.
  • Report locations and areas that may cause eye injuries – If you think a certain area is dangerous, report it to the premises owner or the company owner.
  • Be careful when handling tools and chemicals – Chemicals often cause injury when they are applied in the eyes. To avoid this from happening, chemicals should be sealed.

Accident prevention is indeed important in a company or neighborhood. In case a coworker or a friend acquired an eye injury because of a hazardous substance, here are some tips in order for you to aid the victim:

  • Do not force him to open his eyes.
  • Prepare a basin of clean water and ask him to open his eyes underwater.
  • Call an ambulance immediately.

These steps are also effective for people who got small objects stuck in their eyes. Aside from a basin of water, you can also use a damp cloth to take away the stuck insect or object.

There is one thing that you should remember if someone suffered from eye injury – if the injury happened at work, or it was a result of an unreasonably dangerous product, you may seek legal help. With the right approach and the best Los Angeles personal injury attorney, your eye injury claim would eventually become successful.