If you are looking to get an eye lift you can make use of an eye lift cream. But before you buy some of these creams you should know that the promises they make are not backed up by science. Sure, the manufacturers of these products may point to "preliminary" studies, but they are far from conclusive. At best, expect a slight improvement in the eye area. Because there are no official studies and literally thousands of cream products out there your best bet is to check out online eye lift cream reviews from sites such as Amazon and Drugstore.

If you go to Drugstore.com and search for an "eye lift" you'll get a bunch of results. By far the most popular (and perhaps the best eye lifting cream on this site) was the "Olay Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum". Not only are the reviews positive, for the most part, there are a lot of them. According to the product, the skin around your eyes will start looking a lot better within 24 days. Supposedly your eyelids will be more firm, your corners will be smooth, and your skin will have an even tone. But what did users think of this "best eye lifting product"? Overall, users either hated or loved this product. Some thought that it did absolutely nothing while others said that they saw a noticeable difference. Due to the high number of positive reviews and the low price, this is a product worth looking at. You should keep in mind that the eye lift cream review or ratings on this product did not say that this product is a replacement for an eye lift cosmetic surgery. Pretty much all of the positive reviews said that the cream helped diminish fine lines or made for a more even skin tone, nothing major.

What if you want to buy one of the lifting creams on a site such as Amazon? The best lift cream, at least according to Amazon users is the "Avon Anew Clinical Eye Lift 2 In 1 Jar", which supposedly reduces dark circles and crepiness and is available for less than $15. Although there were only 7 reviews at the time this article was written, they were positive enough to make this product worth buying.

Although both the Olay and Avon product had many 5 star reviews you should keep in mind that the results for many of these users lasted because they kept on using the cream. Some reviewers said that they've been using one of the creams for 3 or so years.

Clearly, Amazon and Drugstore are not the only places where you can buy skin care products and read user reviews. You should be weary of buying eye lift products that are expensive and have few positive reviews. If you want to try a product, which has a minimal amount of users, start with something inexpensive and move up in price if it is not getting the job done.

Because eye lift creams will provide minimal results, if you are serious about getting an eye lift you should start thinking of cosmetic surgery as your number one option and a skin care product as the second option, which you should use if you are relatively happy with the way the skin around your eyes is now. The older you are, the less of a change you will see with the use of creams and the more likely it is that an eye lift surgery is your only option.

What an eye lift is varies depending on who you ask. Some say that an eye lift would decrease the wrinkles around the eyes. Others would say that it involves making the skin around your eye less droopy. If you are looking to solve that droopy or sagging skin problem your best bet is to get a Blepharoplasty. If you want to minimize the appearance of wrinkles of make the skin around your eye look better in general, an eye lift cream is worth considering.