For all those brown-eyed girls out there...

The other day I was in the beauty section of Target browseing for a new set of nail-clippers. My eyes were caught by a new shiny display. It read something like "Do you have the right makeup for your eye color?" This was a new catch, I thought to myself. Could this company know something about the right eye shawdow colors that go with brown eyes? Nah...they're just trying to sell me something but I kept looking at their reccomendations anyhow.

I have brown eyes, like the majority of the people in the world. Brown eyes are warm and attractive, although possibly not as exotic as bright blue or green eyes. Still, brown eyes can be very beautiful. Until this point I had based my eye shadow colors based on how they looked on my face as a whole. Still I was curious at the ad's proposition of finding a better eye shadow that was based on my brown eye color. So decided to try these new "brown eye color shades" – so there, sold. Another sucker born is born every day? Indeed, when I got home the purple and lavendar colors that the company reccomended looked O.K. on my eyelids but did not complement my skin tone. They weren't awful but simply not better than what I already had. It was a dissapointing purchase to learn from.

Here are complied eye makeup tips for brown eyes that lists eyeshadows that in general pairs well with brown eyes. This way you won't be surprised the next time some ads tell you what looks good with your eyes. Each person must take into account not only the color of her eyes, but skin tone, hair color and of course the type of "look" one wants to achieve.

  • purple and violet
  • champagne
  • gold
  • deep shades of brown
  • dark hunter to a pale green
  • deep cool blues

Again keep in mind these are simply standard makeup colors that match well with brown eyes and not necessarily will look good on you, or me. Brown eyes on the whole can wear pull off a wider range of makeup colors than our blue and green eyed friends. However be careful when selecting your eye shadow colors and take away the lesson I learned, what can look good on your eyes may not look as good on your entire face. Ultimately, you are the best judge of what looks good with your baby browns, not the advertisements.