Playing with eye makeup colors to enhance and accentuate the eyes can be easy and fun, especially when trying out different eye makeup ideas. But some people who try to improve their appearance with cosmetics end up having trouble getting that particular look. Instead of looking beautiful, they end up looking ridiculous, as the color combination they chose is not proper for the occasion or their complexion. Following the best eye make up tips will surely make the best out of one's eyes.

There are a lot of make up ideas, but they are actually dependent on the spacing and of course the shape of the eyes whether the purpose is just to play with the eyes' beauty or enhance its appearance.

Eye Makeup Ideas Basics
Basically, there are 3 types of eye makeup shades. These are the highlighter, mid shade and the contour. The highlighter is the eye color with the lightest shade whose purpose is bringing out the area where it is applied. The mid shade is the eye color whose shade is the closest to the skin tone. Though it is subtle, it is however the most important among the three shades. The contour color gives depth to the eye. It is the darkest shade of the three.

Daring Eye Makeup Ideas
With the abundance of eye makeup in the market, it is easy to dramatically change the entire look by experimenting with applying eye makeup. Unique eye makeup colors and applications are quickly becoming a hot trend. These looks can be carried out, if you know how to do it. Apply a bright color on the upper lid like yellow or turquoise. Pick natural bright and fresh colors for the rest to create a balance.

In creating a funky look, use two different colors for the top and the bottom of the eyes. For a cat eye that looks fabulous, polished and sexy, do not forget to use the appropriate eye liner as it is the secret for getting this look as it makes them look bigger. A new way of spicing up a smoky eye is by adding shimmering metallic eyeliner or by using colored eye shadows, like purple and blue.

Everyone's eyes are unique and specially shaped. The best thing about eye make up tips is that it can enhance the eyes' shape while creating a more beautiful and balanced appearance. Such as, it is now easy to open the partly closed lids of hooded eyes by minimizing the eyelids using makeup.

Shaping Eye makeup Ideas
The first step is to shape the eyebrows. When they are shaped properly it can make or break the eye makeup. To apply the makeup, the area from the brow bone down to the upper lash line should be covered using a highlight color. The middle or medium shade should be applied on the rest of the eyelid. Apply the contour shade from the outer half upwards to the eyebrow. On the lower lashes, draw a fine contour line. Simply applying an eyeliner or shadow right below the lower lashes can make a significant change in the look. Finish it up by extending the line from the upper lashes across the lid to the end of the eyes. If your time is limited, a middle color only can be applied to the lids just to give a pop of color.

Remember that if you are emphasizing the eyes make sure to keep the cheeks and the lips in natural or light colors. The eyes should be the one in focus. If you are not yet familiar with how to choose colors that match with each other don't worry, there are eye shadows that come in sets of three or more that can be used.

Experimenting With Eye Makeup Ideas
The secret to applying eye makeup tips is to experiment. If you at first fail to achieve the look that you are going for, please don't be crestfallen. It isn't that the colors or makeup don't work for you, it may be that you need some practice in applying that technique. It is surprising how many women do not know how to properly apply makeup. Coupled with misinformation and lack of objectivity the confidence that women need to go for that daring or striking look only worsens. The way to remedy this is to practice, a lot. Get magazines for eye makeup ideas too. First, dump all of your old makeup and brushes. Make your first order of business the purchase of a book on the basics of makeup. Look for one with lots of color photos and instructions that go over the basic techniques of makeup application. From this point on, avoid the cheap cosmetic bins at the dollar store. Invest in a quality makeup brush set and start yourself off with some high quality makeup. Purchase a lighted vanity with triptych mirrors so you can get different vantages of your makeup application and technique. With a set up like this you will be able to practice and learn. In no time you will be amazing yourself and your friends with your knockout looks. They will want eye makeup ideas from you.

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