Eye Makeup Tips – Hazel Eyes

Hazel eyes - eye makeup tips

Hazel eyes are less common than all the other eye colors due to lower amounts of the pigment creator located in the iris, melanin. Hazel eyes are a variation of green eyes, blue eyes or brown eyes and often have speckles of gold and amber in them making them very versatile as far as wearing eye makeup.

Many eyeshadow colors will look nice on someone with hazel eyes since this eye color is a mixture of warm tones and cool tones and often hazel eyes will change color depending on the colors you wear in makeup or clothing. * Choose three colors from either the warm palette or cool palette and do not mix these for the best results.

warm eye palette

Eye makeup tips for hazel eyes:

After cleaning and moisturizing your skin, use a daily eye cream or eye gel to reduce fine lines and wrinkles that eyeshadows and makeup can become clogged in. Allow all moisturizers and eye products to fully absorb before proceeding with eye makeup.

Layering eyeshadow colors helps the eyes to pop and be noticed. Choose three or four colors of eyeshadow – one dark, one or two medium colors and one lightest color.

Use a professional brush set for the best and easiest application of eyeshadow colors that will help you apply and blend flawlessly.

Eye Makeup Application:

Apply the darkest eyeshadowcool eye palette color with your eyeshadow brush to the lower lid of your eye. Start at the outside of the eye below the end of the eyebrow and follow the eyelid towards the inner eye. Keep the lightest pressure with your eyeshadow brush when nearing the corner of the eye so that just a hint of color is added in this area.

Use the second or medium tone eyeshadow color to the crease area of the eyelid. Blending is a key point for the best look so take some time and carefully blend the two colors where they meet so that a line is not visible.

If using four colors of eyeshadow, use the fourth color at the inside of the eyelid area so that just a dab of color is noticeable.

Apply the lightest color of eyeshadow as a highlighter just under the eyebrow area and follow all along the brow. Blend carefully into the medium color already applied to avoid a visible line.

When you are happy with the intensity of eyeshadow color achieved and your hazel eyes are bright and noticeable, add an eyeliner pencil in dark brown or black to the skin in a smooth and even line just above the eyelashes. Use a smudge brush to smudge the eyeliner color so that the line is not a stark line, rather is more subtle. Do the same with the eyeliner along the area just below the bottom eye lashes.

Use one or two coats of dark brown or black mascara until you have the coloring and length of eyelashes that you desire.

Finish the rest of your makeup application by adding a light colored blush at the apple of the eye (where the middle of the nose and pupil meet on the cheek when a line is formed) and blending outward and upward.

Wear your favorite lip gloss or lipstick in a color that is one shade darker than your normal lip color for the most natural lip look.

Finish makeup with a powder brush and finishing powder to set your makeup for all day wear without smearing or wearing off.

Hazel eyes are unique and you can make them look the most vibrant with makeup tips that bring out the different colors in the eyes. Adding a splash of color similar to the eyeshadow colors chosen will give even more of a pop to the eyes. Practice these hazel eyes makeup tips daily and try to vary the colors you use in makeup and clothing for even more appealing eyes.

photos: istockphoto.com, avalla.com