Some makeup color tips for the green eyed gals

While blue eyes are stunning and brown eyes are warm, green eyes are rare and exquisitely beautiful especially when "dressed up" the right way and with the right makeup. For those lucky enough to have these green jewels, learn how to treat them well with some complementary color makeup tips and that will make that green eye gaze will go a long way.

First off, learn to choose your eye shadow colors wisely. Complementary eye shadow colors will bring out the green eye color even more through contrasting colors. Why not make the most of what you have and show off those beautiful greens? The best staple colors to use for green eyes are purple, lilacs, plums, deep purple, greens, and dark greens. However you must make sure that these colors also look good with the rest of your features, such as the color of your hair and the tone of your skin.

For blending colors and highlighter colors used below the brow, gold and copper tones works well. Play with these until you can come up with a beautiful signature look that compliments your green eyes. Eye shadow colors to avoid are any of the shades that don't complement green, such as pink tones, silvers and blues. Stay away from these. Experimenting with various shades and keeping the lighter colors near the brow with the more intense colors at the base of the eyelid will lead to some great looks.

People with green eyes can play with different colors of eyeliner too. Typically it is best to put on the eyeliner after the shadow is applied because the line will look cleaner. A bold eyeliner in black looks good, yet it is not the most complementary to green eyes. Instead, warm colors such as bronze, browns, gold, and dark plums can give a better look. Eyeliner in dark green shades, charcoal and navy blue are also good options. Again you must play with these colors to establish what is the best combo for your overall appearance. Also, you can add to the depth of your eye makeup by trying out a dark green mascara instead of a bold black.

Overall the entire attributes of one's face will need to be considered when choosing the right eye makeup for green eyes. Hair color, skin tone, and the desired look will need to be considered when choosing the right makeup. Play and experiment in the mirror with all the choices that green eyes have to make those emeralds look even more exotic and beautiful.