Are you tired of wearing the same drab eye shadow every single day? Do you need to find a night time look that will make your eyes pop? If you have green eyes, you should know by now what colors really complement your eyes. For us, having green eyes is easy, because there are so many different combinations that can really work with our eyes. If you have specks in your eyes, for instance, I have specks of gold and blue in them, you can even play those up simply and make your eyes really look cool. Here are a few different looks that I have tried out. Some I like more than others but I think they all have their purpose and really make green eyes pop. 


Look #1: Monochromatic

Firstly, take a look at your eyes and see what shades match your eyes the closest. Since mine have specks of gold in them, I used a gold shadow on the eyelids and the crease. First, apply a mint green eye shadow to the corner of your eyelid. Then apply a sandy brown shade to your outer lid. Follow with a neutral gold or champagne shade for the crease. Apply brown liner and brown mascara. Use that gold shadow as a bronzer on cheekbones for extra glow. (not too much or it will look weird). Finish off by using your old concealer that's lying around the house to create a nude colored lip. Yes, you can use things other than lip stick to make a lip stain. (You can even use eye shadow which lasts a lot longer if you wish). Apply concealer, top with clear gloss, and then add a little hint of pink lip balm to add definition. 


This look is very natural and brings out the golden specks and brownish undertones in green eyes. This look will also work well on people with hazel eyes as well. A very safe, natural every day look that is easy to apply (less than five minutes) and is good for everyday/work-wear. I have provided a link below to a great eye shadow so you can find that perfect minty green shade and create the look yourself!

Jordana Jumbo Eye Shadow Pencil-Mint Leaf (Light Soft Green)
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(price as of Aug 20, 2016)

Look #2: Tickled Pink

Apply a cream colored shadow to the entire lid. (If you don't have that color, use your powder concealer as a shadow, it will give you that same neutral base.) Be sure to put eyelid primer on beforehand so it stays put. Apply pink eye shadow to upper part of eyelid only. Add light pink or baby pink shadow to crease. Use brown eyeliner on top and bottom lids, and finish it off with brown mascara. Use a light pink blush to accent your cheekbones. Finish off with a light pink lip color and gloss. 


This is a quick and easy routine. Pinks are naturally complementary for fair skin and green eyes. When wearing this style, be sure not to put on TOO much pink; yes, there is a such thing as too much. Just a little bit will do the trick! This look works perfectly for daytime wear since it is light and subtle. If you are looking for the perfect pink shade, I have provided a link to a great pink shadow to get you started with below. 


Look #3: Nocturnal Blues

Apply navy blue eye shadow to lid. Apply dark purple shadow to crease. Add light purple shadow from crease to brow bone. For that extra pop, apply the navy blue shadow like a liner to your bottom lid using a thin brush. Add a dark black mascara to finish off this intense look. I would suggest not using any blush for this look. You don't want to take away from the intensity in the eyes and too much blush on this one might make you look clownish. Again, finish off with a lip stain that matches your natural lip color so as not to take away from the eyes. I went for a strawberry shade because that is closest to my lip color. 


This is a very intense look, creating a similar effect to the smoky eye. This is only meant for night time wear. If you are hesitant about using such dark shades, consider trying this one out two shades lighter and see how you like it. It is interesting that navy blue can make green eyes pop. I also noticed because I have blue around the outside of my eyes, that this color lends itself to bring this out, which is neat. I have provided a link below to a perfect navy blue shade that will really make your eyes stand out. 

NYX Single Eye Shadow, Navy Blue, 0.088 Ounce
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Purple Fire

Look #4: Purple Fire

Start with a plum shadow on the lids. Then apply a strawberry or peach shade to the crease. Apply a matching blush to cheekbones for extra zing. If you are not comfortable with such an intense shade for your blush, use a lighter shade of pink. Finish off with a neutral pink or peach lip stain. 


I really love this look because it intensifies green eyes. If you really want to make it pop, you can also apply strawberry shadow as a liner on the bottom of your eyes. These colors also work very well for people with red hair and fair skin. It warms up the skin and makes you appear less pale. If you want to achieve this look without the pink, try just doing the plum shadow. Purple shades also are naturally very good for green eyes. This work can be okay in the daytime or the night time. In the day, try using lighter shades to achieve the same look. At night, intensify it by darkening the shades. It is an easy transition from a day time to a night time look. 


I hope you have found these different looks useful for people with green eyes. If you have any other ideas or suggestions, feel free to comment below. There are so many different things you can try to play up green eyes, and we are lucky to have such unique eyes that we can practice and play with every day. Remember, practice makes perfect. This was my first attempt with many of these shades but I think they are great and would love to use them more now that I have tried them out. If you are looking for some great shadows check out the links I posted in this article. They are great starting point for anyone who wants to try something new and look and feel their best every day.