Now while most people complain about thin eyebrows, others wish their eyebrows weren't so thick! For men and women like this, eyebrow hair removal is a part of their daily routine. There are a few different ways to effectively remove hairs from the eyebrow. We'll discuss three of the more popular ones in this article. Before we get started though, I think it's important to note that there is a ton of good information on the Internet. Any products that I talk about in the following text can easily be "Googled" for more insight. You'll find reviews, price lists and much more. Don't be shy! Get out there and check out a few sites before making a decision.

Now, the most popular method of eyebrow hair removal is definitely tweezing. Here's a brief "how to use tweezers" guide for your consideration. The first thing you want to do, before you even touch those tweezers, is make sure your eyebrows are wet. You can do this using a number of different methods. I find that a wet cloth with suffice but some folks actually prefer using shaving cream or hair conditioner in order to moisten the brows. If you want to cheat a bit with this, simply have a shower! When you're finished, make sure that your eyebrows are nice and moist. Now when it comes to the actually tweezing part, you want to make sure that you're using a good pair of tweezers. Start by pulling out hairs that are clearly out of place. Do one at a time in order to maintain a bit of accuracy. The end goal, remember, is a natural look. Don't go to crazy with this! Generally speaking, it's a good idea to start at the bottom of the brow and work your way up. When the brows look good, it's time to soothe them a bit. Use an astringent or some petroleum jelly and lather up the eyebrows. This should provide a bit of relief from the pain that comes with tweezing. If your eyebrow hairs grow back quite rapidly, you may want to look into some kind of a hair inhibitor to prevent eyebrow hair regrowth.

Another method of eyebrow hair removal that's becoming more popular all the time is what's known as threading. This comes from Indian culture and used to remove unibrows and other really thick brows. It basically involves the use of thread to "burn" the hairs off. Check out this Youtube Video for a quick demo of this practice.

The final method we'll discuss today is a more permanent solution. I'm talking, of course, about laser eyebrow hair removal. This process, while quite expensive, will leave you with perfectly shaped eyebrows that won't require any maintenance. This is a huge advantage for people that just can't be bothered dealing with continual hair removal. In most cases, the laser actually targets the hair follicles. This ensures that the hair will not grow back. The eyebrow laser hair removal cost is usually in the $3000 range. Good luck!