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Eyebrow replacement:

If you've ever suffered from any form of hair loss, you will know what a traumatic experience it can be. Hair loss can have a major effect on self esteem and self confidence and cause major negative effects on everyday life.

Hair loss problems can be exacerbated when the hair that is being lost is on the face. Many things can cause this hair loss, from adverse drug reactions to alopecia, or, in the case of eyebrow loss, from stress or simply from over-plucking.

If the hair loss is on the eyebrows, there are many solutions that can overcome the problems that require eyebrow replacement. One of those eyebrow replacement techniques is eyebrow implants (eyebrow transplants).

Eyebrow Implants:

Eyebrow implants (also known as eyebrow transplants) are suitable for people who are suffering from hair loss as a result of a medical condition, from over-plucking or many other main causes of eyebrow loss.

A small number of hairs can be transplanted for those with thinning eyebrows or patchy eyebrows, right up to a complete eyebrow restoration procedure or skin graft eyebrow transplant for those who have completely lost their eyebrows.

The eyebrow implant procedure is quick, relatively painless, very safe and extremely successful, with around 90% of transplanted hairs going on to implant successfully.

Under local anaesthetic, a small graft of hair is taken from somewhere discreet (such as just behind the ear or at the back of the scalp). These hairs are cut down to individual hairs and follicles, any excess skin and fat are removed and then the individual hairs are grafted into the eyebrows in the direction of the natural brow growth.

The eyebrow implants procedure takes a few hours to perform, and are usually carried out by a surgeon who is an expert in hair transplants. To transplant an entire eyebrow involves the implantation of around 250 - 300 individual hairs.

After surgery, the newly replaced eyebrows take around 4 days to heal. There may be a little amount of scabbing and bruising to the area, but this soon subsides.

Once implanted, the eyebrow implants will go through a 'shock' growth cycle where after around 3 weeks the replaced eyebrows will fall out. This is nothing to worry about and a completely normal part of the eyebrow replacement process. After this time they will then begin to regrow in the same way as normal eyebrows. As this is head hair that has been implanted, the hair will continue to grow longer than normal eyebrow hair, meaning that the eyebrow shape will need to be maintained by some regular trimming.

Eyebrow Transplants Side Effects:

Side effects to eyebrow transplant surgery are minimal, but in a small number of cases some numbness to the area may occur. Scarring is another potential side effect, experienced by a small number of patients.

These eyebrow replacement side effects can be minimized by ensuring you choose a surgeon who has a lot of experience in performing eyebrow transplants.

Costs for eyebrow implants are approximately $5,000 for a full eyebrow transplantation.

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