Men and women everywhere are constantly looking for ways to be more attractive. One area of the face that's often disregarded are the eyebrows. People don't realize how big a role these little lines of hair play in our appearance. Thin, unhealthy looking brows can make an otherwise very beautiful woman look quite unattractive. Conversely, thick, luscious brows that are symmetrical to the rest of the face can make an average looking person stunning! If your eyebrows aren't perfect, don't worry. There are a couple things we can do to restore them.

So what kind of people should think about eyebrow restoration? Basically anyone with thin eyebrows can benefit from the ideas outlined in this article. Maybe you've lost some of your eyebrow hairs in an accident of some kind. Depending on the type of accident, the damage could be severe enough to prevent eyebrow regrowth. Some people also lose eyebrow hair due to the fact they pluck too many hairs out. Mild tweezing is definitely OK but you don't want to overdo this. It can cause permanent damage. Others still are suffering from the effect of cancer treatments like chemotherapy.

There are basically two different types of eyebrow restoration. The first one involves the use of surgery. You can see my other article on eyebrow hair transplants, but here's a quick overview. This procedure basically involves adding hair from a donor to your eyebrows. It's done in such a way that leaves the patient with a natural eyebrow that actually grows! This allows the man or woman to treat their new eyebrow like they've always had it. Because styles are always changing, this is great. People are now able to shape, tweeze and color their eyebrows without worrying about whether or not they have thick enough hair to do so. Generally speaking, the cost of eyebrow restoration surgery is about $4000.

If surgery isn't really your thing, here are a few other tips that can restore your eyebrows. The most common way to do this is through the use of some kind of a makeup product. The most common ones are brow powder, eyebrow pencils and eyebrow gels. Which one you choose is really a matter of preference. What thing that should be noted though is that all of these methods require a bit of tweezing beforehand.

With eyebrow restoration, regardless of whether or not you're using surgery, is all about creating a more natural, beautiful look. For more information on eyebrows, check out these article on eyebrow transplants and eyebrow implants. Thanks!