Hot waxing is quite a painful procedure when it comes to eye brow hair removal, so if you are looking for a less painful way to remove hair from your eye brows as you are shaping them, then threading is the way to do it. It works by a small thread which is twisted around the hair in the eye brows and then is pulled to remove the hair from its root.

If you are looking for precise and clean definition when drawing your eye brows, then penciling is the way to go. A good tip though is to avoid drawing lines which are long, instead use feathery light strokes which are going to look more natural. If you are struggling shaping your eyebrows, a good tip is to visit a beautician who is going to form your eyebrows perfectly. All you need to do then is to keep shaping your eyebrows on a regular basis to keep the perfect shape that the beautician as created.

If you want to create the best eye brow shapes think of your brows as if they were four different sections. The first 3 sections should go upwards with the last section slanting downwards. A good way to help keep your eyebrows in place, is to add a little hairspray onto your eyebrow brush then start brushing it in. Brush your eyebrows to the required shape and the hairspray will quickly set them solid and it will take a lot for them to move out of place again.

When coloring your eyebrows always choose colors which are roughly one or two shades lighter than the color of your hair. Matching your eyebrow color with your hairs color can be too overpowering, but coloring your eyebrows darker than your hair color is a complete no no and should be avoided at all costs. Another good eyebrow shaping tip to make your pencil lines look more natural, is to brush your eye brows with a toothbrush after you have penciled them, this will help in smoothing down the hairs.