When most people think of eyebrow tattoos, images of Halloween usually come to mind. In this article, I'm not talking about skull and crossbones type tattoos though. I'm referring to eyebrows tattoos of a cosmetic nature. Surprisingly, this isn't really a new phenomenon. The remains of mummies found in parts of the Mediterranean have signs of eyebrow tattooing. I guess even folks from way back then dealt with thin eyebrows using innovative methods. If you don't want to look quite that far back, you can check out some the silent movies from the 1920's. These old films are loaded with actors and actresses that had enhanced their eyebrows with tattoos.

Now eyebrow tattoos aren't for everyone. They are, however, becoming more and more common all the time. This wasn't always the case. At one point, eyebrow tattoos were thought of as "high society" type alterations. If you weren't a vain woman, chances are you wanted nothing to do with these tattoos. Today, though, it's not uncommon for everyday folks like you and I to consider eyebrow tattooing. Different people get this procedure done for different reasons. Some folks lose their eyebrows due to reasons beyond their control. Maybe it's disease or even an accident of some kind. Other women just aren't happy with the current look of their eyebrows. They want a fuller look without the hassle of using eyebrow pencils everyday. They also can't be bothered to look into eyebrow transplants.

Getting a cosmetic eyebrow tattoo is very similar to getting any other tattoo. There are essentially two different methods that a tattoo artist uses to draw on skin. One method involves the use of what is known as a tattoo gun. This apparatus uses non-toxic biofriendly ink so you don't have to worry about getting poisoned! One big advantage that comes with using this method is speed. Artists working with a gun can get things drawn a lot faster. This, unfortunately, sometimes leads to a lack of detail in the eyebrow. If you want a fine look to your brow, you probably want to talk to artist that draws tattoos by hand. This method involves the use of a needle. It's slower but is generally better when it comes to the tattooing of intricate details.

Regardless of what method you choose to go with, the goal is the same. You want a natural looking eyebrow that suits your face. Comments? Questions? Drop me a line!