perfect eyebrow tinting

Unless you're a celebrity, the perfect eyebrow seems unattainable. Just how do every one of the superstars manage to get those lovely shaped eyebrows? Here we will provide you a step by step self-help guide to eyebrow tinting to have you resembling a celebrity before you know it.

What you need:              

•             Cotton pads

•             Toner

•             Eyebrow color

•             Dye developer

•             A throw away wand

•             Dye stain remover

Step # 1: Get the Brows Ready

Always start by having a thoroughly clean brow by making sure you've removed all remains of make-up or oil. Any oil will change the efficiency of your eyebrow tinting color you are to put on your brow.

Step 2: Find the proper Hue for You

It’s a good idea to always follow the following common guideline: If your hair is dark, you need the eye-brows to be dark or just one shade lighter. When you are blonde, the general principle is this,  they should show which enables you to go a single shade darker with your eyebrow tinting color. Should you go really dark, you will have roots growing in and they're going to show which means you must be careful going too dark or too light.

Step Three: Get Ready to Dye

Upon having put together your coloring solution, plan to use it then. Put together the eyebrow tinting color and developer at a one to one ratio, combining it to accomplish a heavy paste like consistency. Once you have done so it is time to utilize.

Step 4: Administer Color

You should ensure that you reach the actual roots of the eyebrow hair. Make use of the eyebrow tinting dye liberally. Be sure to have soaked your brow to obtain the most efficiency out of the color.

Step Five: Times Up

After three minutes, make sure you clean the color off with a dry cotton pad. Look at your eye-brows in the mirror. If your wanted color hasn’t been met, reapply the coloring and wait an extra 3 minute

Step 6: Erase It

Work with a dry 100 % cotton pad, and remove away all the dye. Go over your eyebrow with yet another cotton pad lightly soaked with the dye stain remover. This will certainly discontinue the actual dying action.

Step 7: The Finishing Touches

To complete your eyebrow dye it’s best to tweeze and unneeded hairs and also work with a shadow with an angle brush or possibly a pencil to be able to fill out any type of bald places. Now your eyebrow tinting process is complete!