A lot of people aren't happy with their eyebrows. For often than not, the problem is a lack of hair. Thin eyebrows don't allow men and women to get creative with their brows. How can you shape and trim your eyebrows if there isn't enough hair to do so? Before we get into the details of eyebrow transplants, I think it's important to discuss some common causes of thin eyebrows. The most common one is probably simple genetics. Some women are just born with stunning eyebrows. Others, unfortunately, are not. Other men and women don't have many hairs in their eyebrows due to some sort of an accident. Overplucking is another cause of thin eyebrows. Most people don't realize that plucking out eyebrow hairs can actually permanently damage the hair follicles responsible for regrowth.

For many of the people discussed above, an eyebrow hair transplant is awful tempting. This is perfectly understandable. Cosmetic surgery is getting more advance all the time. Today, experienced doctors can create natural, growing eyebrows on any man or woman. Some folks prefer to replace the entire eyebrow while others only need a partial transplant. Regardless of what you're looking for, the procedure is the same.

Basically, the hair comes from a donor. It's grafted into the patients eyebrow one hair at a time in order to ensure an accurate look. Obviously, a natural look is what we're going for here. Because of this, surgeons actually transfer the hair follicles onto the space above the eye. What this does is create an actual eyebrow for the patient. When the surgery is complete, he or she will be left with a fully functional eyebrow.

If you're interested in this procedure, expect to put aside about two hours. I also encourage you to do a lot of research. As with anything, there is a lot of really solid information on the Internet. You can read about certain doctors and their patients experiences. There are before and after photos available as well. I encourage you to meet a few doctors before you choose one though. You want to get any procedure done with as few hiccups as possible. The last thing you want to do is go back for multiple sessions. Now, it depends on the doctor, but the average cost of eyebrow transplants is about $4000.

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