Eyelash Extensions: Your Questions Answered
Credit: LusciousLashes.com

Are eyelash extensions safe? 

Eyelash Extensions can be perfectly safe as long as the worker is properly trained. Many clients keep their lashes on for years without having to take any breaks. If the extensions were done correctly then your lashes will continue to be healthy. Unfortunately, there are a lot of untrained workers out there without proper licensing. Many people have been scared off from trying them out because of these untrained workers. Do your research before choosing who will be doing your Eyelash Extensions.

Here is a Guide to help you: How to Choose a Great and Safe Eyelash Extension Salon

**Any pulling or extreme rubbing done by the client at home can cause damage. The client should be properly instructed to not do this before they leave the salon.

What is a Full Set and how much will it cost?

A client will get a Full Set of new lashes when they come in with no synthetic lashes on. A Full Set means that whoever is doing your lashes will work towards the goal of extending every single natural lash that you have. The average cost currently for a New Set in Southern California is approximately $200. This may range slightly in different cities but $200 has been the average price for the past eight years. 

How long does a Full Set take?

A Full Set should take 1.5 to 2 hours. If your lashes are at least average then any less than 1.5 hours usually means that the worker rushed, didn’t get every single lash, or weren’t properly trained.

Do I have to get a Full Set?

 A Half Set should be available for about half the price of a Full Set. It is about half the price because it takes half the time. A Half Set also means, you guessed it, half the lashes! So if you are going for that super natural look then a Half Set can do that for you. Instead of every natural lash being extended, every other lash is extended. A Half Set can also mean a flair, or the lashes extended only from the center of your eye out.

How often do I have to get them touched up and how long does it take?

As a brand new client you should return in two weeks for your first touch up. After this appointment you can discuss extending it to three weeks or, in very rare instances, longer than three weeks. This will depend on how well the client’s natural lashes hold the extensions, how quickly the client’s lashes cycle (like the hair on your head sheds and regrows,) and also how well the client takes care of them. A normal touch up takes one hour.  Special accommodations can be made for clients who may want to stop in for a quick 30 minute touch up before a big event, or even a 90 minute touch up for instances such as a client returning from a long vacation.

What is the cost of a Touch Up?

The cost of a one hour Touch Up varies too much from one salon to another to give you an exact answer. However prices tend to range between $45 and $100.

Are the lashes put on the skin?

The lashes should be placed right up to the skin but without actually touching the lid. Keeping the glue off the skin greatly lowers the risk of an allergic reaction, though an allergic reaction is not common. 

 Can I wear Mascara with my lashes?

You should not wear mascara with your lashes.  Mascara is not meant to be permanent and thus easily flakes off over little time. Placing an extension on top of mascara, or mascara residue, prevents it from making a complete bond to the natural lash. The lashes may not last more than a couple of days, if that long. It isn’t uncommon for a client to wear mascara and then try to wash it off before a touch up. This poses two problems; the client will need to rub vigorously to attempt to get it all off, which can damage the natural lashes, and also mascara residue hides in between and under the lashes where it is nearly impossible to clean entirely without also removing the extensions. Removing extensions is something only your lash girl should do for you.

Can I get my Bottom Lashes done?

While it is less common it is definitely possible to extend the lower lashes also. The reason it is less common is because they are more maintenance since they don’t last nearly as long.  A less strong glue with fewer fumes is used to apply them because the client will need to keep their eyes open during the application. This is to keep them from adhering to the top lashes while they are drying.

What are the lashes made of?

Sometimes people will assume that the extensions are real hair, but they are actually a synthetic silk.  The glue used to apply the synthetic lashes should be a medical grade adhesive. 

Do they only come in black?

Eyelashes don’t only come in black. They come in browns, every color of the rainbow, and even glitter. The most popular color, even for those who are wanting a natural look, is black. This is because women usually wear black mascara and the point of having eyelash extensions is to no longer need to wear it.

Can they look natural?

Yes! Eyelashes can look as natural as you want them to look. They can be made a natural length, thickness, and also be given a natural curl.

The opposite is also possible.  The extensions can be longer, thicker, and curlier to give more of the Hollywood look. Of course, every look in between can be done for the client as well.

How many choices are there to choose from?

There are literally hundreds of different types of lashes available. Hopefully, you’ve done your research and have found a great and safe salon that is well trained to help you find the perfect look that suits your lashes. Choices such as length, thickness of the lash, amount of lashes placed, flares, colors, and curls are available. 

Should I do anything special before my appointment?

Come in with absolutely no mascara. Often clients think that they have removed their mascara completely but there may still be some residue left behind. Cleans your lashes at least a couple of times before your appointment to be sure that you are ready to go.  Also try not to drink any coffee or energy drinks before the appointment as it will cause your eyes to flutter making it difficult for your lash girl to work efficiently. 

What are the after care instructions for caring for my lashes?

Aftercare instructions should be provided by your lash girl, but generally the rules are no pulling, rubbing, or picking at the extensions. You’ll also want to keep them dry for at least 12 hours after the appointment to allow the lashes to dry and set. Finally, try to stay out of steam. Hot showers, saunas, hot tubs, facials, etc. Steam weakens the glue bonds of the extensions so if you are going to be around it then try to make it right before your next appointment. This will allow your lash girl to replace any weak bonded lashes before they fall off. 

Are they waterproof?

Lashes are water proof after the first 12 hours. 

How can I separate the lashes if they become unruly?

The best thing you can do is keep them from becoming unruly in the first place. Try not to sleep on or rub them. When you get out of the shower you may notice that the lashes group together. This is only because they are wet. Use a paper towel under the lashes to soak up the water instead of pressing them with a towel. Clients will often try using tweezers if a lash becomes too out of place. You can try this but be careful not accidentally pull it out or move other lashes further out of place. It’s best to wait and allow your lash girl to take care of them for you.