Eyelash Conditioners for Longer, Fuller Eyelashes. Do they work?

Like many women, I wanted longer eyelashes. I have tried almost everything available for my search for longer, thicker and natural looking lashes. I didn’t like the glue-on false lashes; the glue was too messy and difficult to apply. Plus, the corners tend to lift after a short while. I then tried eyelash extensions. I must say they look pretty natural and they stay on longer. If you apply them correctly they can last a good month or two. Again, they were difficult to put on and if you have them done professionally it gets expensive.
Then I heard stories about eyelash conditioners that can help enhance your lashes to grow, but most of them were prescription and you had to go to a Dermatologist or Doctor to get the prescription. I wasn’t interested in that, especially when I found out from friends that they used an over the counter eyelash conditioner that worked and their eyelashes grew longer and thicker.
Since then I have tried many eyelash conditioners or products that claim to enhance the growth, and I came across a couple that I liked and was exactly what I was looking for. My eyelashes grew longer and thicker, mainly longer. It doesn’t happen overnight, but after two weeks I saw results, and 6-8 weeks they were long , people began noticing how long my lashes were and my kids thought they were false eyelashes. So as you can imagine, I was happy with my longer eyelashes!
Eyelash Conditioners
There are two brands that I came across and I really like. RevitaLash is the first eyelash conditioner I used, and is my current obsession. It’s a unique eyelash conditioner that will help you get the beautiful look of Longer, Thicker eyelashes. You only apply it once a day. I started seeing results in 2 weeks. The company says it can take up to ten weeks before seeing results. It doesn’t sting like some conditioners. They came out with a new version called Revitalash Advance, I haven’t tried it thou. Your own natural eyelashes will look longer and thicker. It can be used no matter how short, short, fragile, thin, or sparse your eyelashes are.

Another good conditioner is Dea Bella Lash conditioner  it doesn’t sting and I started seeing results after 3 weeks. My girlfriend uses this conditioner and loves it. She won’t try another product. Her lashes are long and thick. You only apply it once a day and it is simple to use. Hopefully this will narrow down your search for a good eyelash conditioner. I liked both products and seen results as well.  If you are looking for a product to help your eyelashes grow back, especially after eyelash loss, then eyelash conditioners are a good place to start because they are designed for fast growth and they do work.