Eyelashes for Cars and Carlashes

Eyelashes for Car or Carlashes

You think you've seen it all but then something new comes along to prove you wrong. Most fashion conscious women will never leave the house without putting on a mascara to highlight their eyelashes. It doesn't even have to be real; you want your eyes to sparkle so you add your fake eyelashes. What about Carlashes? You don't need a dictionary to figure out what that means. Well, the use of decals as eyelashes for cars is now a new idea. You can pick up a set of eyelashes for your car on eBay for about $5. These types of eyelashes for cars are stickers that you delicately place over your car headlights. The eyelashes for cars will give your your car an interesting feature. As if this isn't enough, someone came up with the idea of eyelashes for car called Carlashes.

What is new with Carlashes?

Unlike the normal eyelashes for cars, Carlashes is 3D as can be seen in the picture below. This will really get your car noticed around where you live. Carlashes eyelashes for cars will definitely not leave onlookers indifferent. They will either love the eyelashes for car or hate it. It has to be said that Carlashes seem to work best if you have a Volkswagen beetle. It can be used on other cars as well.


Carlashes a waste of money?

With the current economy, you might be wondering if buying eyelashes for cars is a waste of money or money well spent. For some people, a car is not just about transportation, they see the car as a member of the family. Some people even have names for their cars. Eyelashes for cars like the Carlashes is not a waste of money for those who are into car tuning and spending on their cars. For the others who only think having a car is for transportation, eyelashes for cars or even the Carlashes will be considered a waste for money. Others will say that eyelashes for cars that cost $5 is not that expensive and it can be fun to have such eyelashes for cars sticker. On the other hand Carlashes eyelashes for car is not that cheap. Well, it is not just a sticker hence it really does make your car stand out. It will cost from $20 to $30 for the privilege of having the Carlashes.

Damaging your car paint with eyelashes or Carlashes

If you are worried about the effect of the standard eyelashes for cars decals or sticker on your car, you might have a reason to be concerned. Any sticker you place on your car will leave a mark when you remove it. This is mostly due to the effect of the sun on your car paint and the eyelashes for cars decals are no exception. On the other hand, the Carlashes is not fully placed on your car because the eyelashes are in the air. If you plan to keep the eyelashes for cars or the Carlashes for a long time there is n reason why you should worry too much about damage to your car paint.

If you live in a bad neighborhood, the Carlashes might not be a very good idea. The fact that it sticks out might encourage some idiots to want to play with your eyelashes for cars and even want to maliciously damage it. Well for about $25, you can probably afford to buy other eyelashes for cars in 3D ask Carlashes.