Buying and installing bathroom curtains has never easier today due to the vast amount of lavish and inexpensive ready-made eyelet curtains. Today even households with discretionary income are looking at the value of anything the purchase, and window treatments are not any different. Custom drapery is great, but when you can get similar results for a couple of hundred bucks versus paying a custom curtain maker a thousand for the same results. The secret to a successful bathroom makeover is the ability to choose the right colors, and fabric curtains that will tie your fixtures, flooring, and wall treatments together in a tasteful manner.

Pink and brown eyelet curtains are a very popular color combination this year, and if you your main bathroom color is white or light earth tones, this will give you a cutting edge look that you can find in many custom, and new high end homes. Matching linens, floor rugs, and other accessories will have your bathroom looking more like a personal spa than just a daily place to shower and get ready for work. People want their master bath to be more of a retreat from a long day of work; using colors that will create, a relaxing mood is important.

Eyelet Curtains

Using the Internet find just the right color combination is easy, and there are plenty of websites that can help you come up with ideas that you may have never thought of to give the appearance of having hired an interior designer. You can reference sites light, and to come up low cost and high impact designs that will have your friends begging you for your source of design wisdom. Some of the biggest names in design today, will take an off the shelf eyelet curtain, and add some accessory fabric to come up with a one off creation that someone would normally pay several hundred dollars for, but only invested less fifty, and little homeowner sweat equity.

To save even more money and get exactly what you want for your bathroom, you can purchase low cost table clothes, and make your own eyelet curtains. The metal grommets are available at your local fabric emporium, and with a little sewing machine magic, and cutting a truly low cost work of art can be born from your own hands.