If you lead an hectic and very busy lifestyle and you find that you haven't got much time to apply your make up, especially your eyeshadow. A good tip to help speed up the process is try using cream or gel eyeshadow. Apply a dot of the stuff to your eyelids with your middle finger and you will quickly be able to make up your eyes with results that look breath taking.

A good tip for keeping your eye make up crease free for longer, is by lightly powdering your eye lids before applying your eyeshadow. Try to avoid using cream colors which can crease up quickly, go for silky powders instead.

If you are looking to bring out the whites of your eyes to give you that fresher look. Then you will have to pick colors of cooler shades and apply them near to the corners of each eye. Avoid using reds and yellows in this area, this is because it can make your eyes appear sickly.

If you are looking for a fantastic daytime look , then use eyeshadows with neutral colors which are going to highlight and contour your eyes. Stick to classic colors like brown, navy or black when using eyeliners.

Before applying eye shadow, a good make up tip is to use a little dusting of loose powder applied under each eye. After you have applied your eyeshadow , brush away the excess powder to take out the eyeshadow fallout.

If you have got prominent big eyes, it is a good idea to not use bright or loud colors on them. Because this is only going to emphasize their fullness and size even more. Try using more neutral colors and softer shades.

If you are using shimmery make up products, you will need to be a little careful with these because they tend to build up in the creases. These products are best used at night time when you don't need to hold your look for as long as you would during the day.