Eyeshadow tips are very important. Without them you'll be like the millions of women who skip eye shadow just because they are intimidated by the process. There is really nothing to it and you'll get the hang of eyeshadow in no time.

The great thing about eyeshadow is that there are so many different colors to choose from. If you're one who loves to try different colors in your wardrobe, you'll love being able to mix and match eyeshadow colors!

If you've been using the same eye shadow colors your whole life, take these eyeshadow tips as a chance to branch out. Even a simple change in color can open up a whole new world of opportunity for you and the way you look.

Keep in mind that you should go wild just pulling every single eye makeup color off of the shelf. There are certain colors that look great on some women and simply awful on other women. Take the time to consider your skin tone and hair color before you make your decision.

You can base your colors off of warm, cold, and neutral tones. Choosing colors based on these rules can be a little intimidating at first, but you'll get the hang of them after a while. Warm skin tones are usually more yellow in color. Cold skin tones are more blue/red in color. Neutral skin tones are somewhere in between!

Even if you don't think you're ready to worry about warm, cold, and neutral skin tones, you can practice with different eye shadows. Some companies will even label the colors that are right for you right on their websites or packaging.

One of the best eyeshadow tips is to buy an eyeshadow package that contains many colors. This will allow you to experiment with many different shades before you invest in two or three. Have fun with this! Experimenting and playing with makeup is a great time and can really improve your look as you fine-tune the process.

Using eyeshadow can greatly improve your whole look. You can create a professional look by using colors that are subtle yet beautiful. Or you can create a night look by using smoky eyeshadow effects and other great eye makeup.

Eyeshadow tips are essential when you're learning how to apply eye shadow. There is no reason for you not to get started as soon as possible. Make sure you pay attention to your skin tone and you'll have a beautiful eye shadow look in no time.