A dehumidifier can be an essential piece of home equipment. Whether you live in a particularly humid climate, or maybe your bathroom doesn't have quite the kind of ventilation it needs to dry out properly -- a good dehumidifier can be hugely beneficial for you. It's not just a question of drying out your environment either a dehumidifier will help prevent unsightly mold and fungus, as well as helping those with allergies or breathing problems.

The problem is that with so many dehumidifiers on the market (with some good and some bad), choosing the ideal model can be tough (especially to those who are not particularly in 'the know' about dehumidifiers). Here, however we hope to make that 'job' a little be easier through inspecting two 'leading' and very highly regarded models from Frigidaire: the FAD704DWD and the FAD504DWD -- through analysing and contrasting their performance and features this guide should give you a solid idea as to which is the best dehumidifier for you.


Frigidaire FAD704DWD Energy Star 70-pint Dehumidifier
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(price as of Sep 1, 2015)


These two models are pretty similar, which can make choosing between them tough. Both are Energy Star certified, so they use less electric than regular dehumidifiers, keeping your energy bills down and helping the environment. Both devices have the same Air CFM measurement of 194, so they have the same high air flow through the machine helping get full dehumidifying. However, the major difference here is in the amount of dehumidification the devices are capable of.


Frigidaire FAD504DWD Energy Star 50-pint Dehumidifier
Amazon Price: $249.99 Too low to display Buy Now
(price as of Sep 1, 2015)

The FAD704DWD is the larger machine, and is capable of dehumidifying seventy pints of water a day, or thirty three liters, whilst the FAD504DWD has a capacity of fifty pints or twenty four liters a day. A larger capacity does mean that the tank will get full less quickly, resulting in you having to empty the water out less often. Because of this the 704 is the slightly more powerful machine, with 1.0hp as opposed to 0.71hp on the 504, and the ampage and wattage also reflect this, with the 704 being 7.8 amps and 745 Watts, and the 704 being 4.8 amps and 530 Watts. This just means that you get more power and a little more get up and go on the 704.


Again, when it comes to features the 704 and the 504 are identical, but they share some great and time saving additions. They both have automatic shut off, which allows the machine to shut itself off when the water reservoir is almost full, and preventing accidents or spills. The filters are easily accessible from the front of the devices, and can be removed for easy cleaning, which is going to cut down on odors and air-borne bacteria.

There is a continuous drain option on both models. This means that you can connect the outlet of the device to a drain, allowing the water to automatically empty out without you having to take the tank out and empty it yourself, which is extremely convenient. Be warned that you will need to have your dehumidifier located close to a drain outlet to utilize this feature, however.

Both devices are capable of low temperature operation, an important feature for those in colder climates where frost may form on internal machinery and cause the machine to break down. Controls are electric and one touch, so setting and changing settings is easy to do. There are two fan speeds, so you can select how quickly the device will remove moisture from the air, and both devices can be pre-set to control humidity levels at anywhere between thirty five and eighty five per cent. The water reservoir is conveniently located at the front of both devices, so you can easily empty water out without having to move the device.

Both machines are easily portable, with rolling wheels and carrying handles on the top and sides to make moving them a breeze. However, the 704 is the heavier model, as you might expect, weighing in at forty six pounds, versus the thirty seven pound 504.

Is Bigger Better?

There isn't too much of a price difference here, the 504 retails for about $260, whilst the 704 is around $270. If you're going to be connecting your dehumidifier to a drain outlet, then either of these models makes a good choice. But if you're going to be using your device manually and emptying it by hand, then paying a little bit extra for a larger machine is more convenient, making the FAD704DWD the better choice.

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