Truly, we have to thank Mark Zuckerberg for creating an avenue where one can connect with different people around the globe, keep in touch with family and friends and simply have fun. This avenue is Facebook. Facebook has become the standard for social media networking and it caused a dramatic change to the World Wide Web. Particularly, it changes how you can present yourself in your profile. It has a feature where you can personalize and customize FB layouts for your page. There are million, if not billion user of Facebook but only a few people know of this feature. If you are looking to join the trend, then this place is the right one for you.

There are a lot of tools that you can use to customize your profile. While editing your FB layouts, you can either make it visible to the public or keep it to your own for a while with the use of these tools. One of which is called Yontoo Layers. The main purpose of this plug-in is that it allows to you create a layer on top of your existing Facebook layer which is customizable. You can even add your own designs on the said layer. Not only that, the application also offers a library of a variety of FB layouts and designs – from cartoons, anime and abstract art, to Hollywood-inspired designs and fashion. And the best thing is that, this plug-in is available online for free. Yontoo Layers is designed to work flexibly in different web browsers like Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Speaking of web browsers, now is the time to think wisely about what web browser you should use. Browsers today have different functionalities and features which allows you to do a lot of cool stuff. For one, Mozilla Firefox has the capability to use an add-on called Stylish. This add-on allows you to customize your FB layouts using a selection of themes, colors and designs. Just like any other add-on or plug-in, you have to download Stylish and install it before you can use its amazing features. 

One vast and reliable source of Facebook layout designs is the internet. The web has a lot of sites that offer this kind of features. Not only are they easily accessible but also usable. In most sites, you just have to click on “Add” button and the downloaded theme will be included in your collection of FB layouts. To activate the downloaded theme, you just have to log-in your Facebook and choose the layout that you have just acquired. Examples of these sites are fbexpressions and PageRage. 

You have a lot of options that you can use if you want to become a part of the latest trend and beautify your FB page. There is a lot more to Facebook than updating statuses and messaging people. You can express yourself with these features but you know you can do more than that – customizing layouts is the way to go. Make your page reflect who you are, make your profile stand out and shout for creativity. Use these free tools to design your page to be unique, be different and be you.