In today's world, many people have not heard of the terms Female genital mutilation maybe because of ignorance or just their location but to some African countries, (where it is mostly practiced,) Asia and some pars of The Middle East these are more than just words but a culture and way of life to so many communities.Female Genital Mutilation or F.G.M in short involves the partial or total removal of the external female genitalia .The exercise is usually carried out by old women in the society said to have inherited the 'skills' from their parents and they use a particular knife which has been used by the ones before them. The reasons for F.G.M include social, religious or cultural. Socially, young girls are forced to undergo the practice merely because those who were there before her have done it. it is also seen as way of bringing up 'respectable' women in the society because the urge of having sex (libido) is drastically reduced when the genitalia is removed. It is also said that it encourages faithfulness.

Some communities view the female genitalia as dirty body parts while others view them as male body parts so culturally, they are forced to 'remove' the parts so as to cleans the women.female genital Mutilation affects young girls who not only undergo the practice but those also who opt not to be 'cut'. In most cases it is mandatory so almost everyone in the particular community undergoes the practice but some communities prefer if the girls decide on their own whether or not they want to be 'cut' . Those who agree to it blend in to the society well but those who opt out of it are cast out or shame is bestowed to their families by village elders. They are never married and often used to do hard labor.For the girl who undergoes this barbaric practice, there are so many negative outcomes apart from the obvious pain endured. The young girls run a risk of recurrent bladder and urinary tract infections, child-birth complications, infertility and need for other surgeries to open up the vaginal opening so that the child can fit because usually after being cut, they are sown back thus reducing the vaginal opening. Those undergoing the process are at a high risk of being infected by the deadly Human Immunodeficiency Virus or H.I.V. in case one of them was already infected.

There have been many attempts to stop this vice throughout the world though many countries practice it in secrecy. other countries have even tried to educate its citizens on the negative outcomes of the vice in s bid to reduce the practice or even do away with the whole thing.