Whether you are an experienced veteran of the FIFA franchise or a rookie looking to buy your first edition of the video game, you will not go wrong with this year's version of the popular soccer game! 

This year's version has several key differences and upgrades than any previous years' editions.  The online speed and compatibility is at an all time high and is great when you're looking to play friends or strangers online. I love this component to the game as I am not a fan of "career modes" that often take up too much time with lengthy managerial obligations (contracts, free agents, transfers, etc..) as well as the necessity of simulating time. 

For those of you who do enjoy the "career mode" in various sports games, you will enjoy the version in FIFA 13 as it allows you to start a career as a player or a manager. You will be given expectations by your club's chairman in which you need to meet in order to avoid being sacked or traded. My only issue with this game feature is it often takes long to complete an offseason as there is much to do and one is bombarded with "emails" by various organizations and your chairman. 

I am convinced that the gameplay is better than any other FIFA game before it! It is quicker and more realistic than FIFA 12 as I find it much more difficult to score goals.  I will argue that differences in terms of graphics are minimal but there are enhanced goal celebrations and players look more like their real-life version! The updated squads also allow you to play with this year's squads and players. This is great as you can watch a game and then turn on your system to play with the exact team you just watched. Tactics and lineups are defaulted to match the real squad and roster!

FIFA 13 will set you back about $70 depending on where you buy it, but it is well worth the money for any fan of soccer or video games! FIFA 13 offers hundreds of leagues and championships to compete for which will keep players interested for quite sometime! Not to mention, it keeps track of all the games you played against friends and the results of those games! FIFA 13 is a great buy and is well worth the money!