Brazil, Love and Soccer

Every four years in the country of samba (Brazil), friends and rivals become as one. The difference in politics, religion and beliefs becomes unimportant as it is forgotten because as Brazilians we are all hoping for just one thing and one thing only; to be the World Cup champions. This time everything is valid, prayers, cheers, promises and tears.

There is no shame in what one would do to express their love for our flag. We would never see anywhere so much yellow and green, those two colors become the cities skin.

As people hold hands, nothing needs to make sense - just this one event that means everything, making strangers hug one another, jump in the air and shout for joy. This game alone become's bigger than even World Peace but just once every four years.

This one event, The World Cup - that puts the whole country in a state of trance. It makes pain stop and old become new. It's just Gol (Brazilian for GOAL!), that is the word that becomes more important than economy or the corruption of politicians. It is also the word that give us hope and strength to believe not only in our love for soccer but our love for our country.

It keeps us strong for another four years when we can again cheer and remember that we are all the same. One country trying to express itself in the world through Soccer.

Brazil is the first nation in history to have won the World Cup five times and as we play today we are all brothers with the same color or I shall say colors, yellow and green.

It's during this time - nothing else matters in the world as we don the colors of our country. The Flag becomes a song, the players become icons and for a time I become the Yellow and Green that is Brazil and soccer!

With victory comes joy as the entire nation shuts down to celebrate in spontaneous holiday not unlike Carnival. Our best players are heralded as Hero's for their greatness in the sport and all the world rejoices in love of the Game.