The rate of divorce around the world is very alarming. People are no longer staying married. It has gotten to a point that couples get married in the morning only to be divorced in the evening. That is how bad it has gotten. For those troubled marriages, it is never too late to save your relationship. Divorce should never be an option; it is a terrible thing for both spouses and the children. The effect of divorce according to report is more stressful than the death of a loved one. Having to settle down successfully on another relationship after a divorce is likened to a "merry go round", it is never easy starting a new relationship, in most cases the same problem in the first marriage still re-surfaces to affect the present one.

Some of the divorce that takes place is actually avoidable. If your marriage is likened to a ship on a stormy session on the high sea, it can still be saved to a long lasting, time tested relationship. Patience and understanding is required from both parties. Consider the following step at restoring back that marriage that is about to hit the rock:

• What triggered the current stalemate; what is the source of the problem. Most couples get carried away at blaming the immediate cause of problem rather than really tracing it to its root, i.e. being unfaithful by either of the spouse may not just be the issue, but what led to the unfaithful act by the guilty spouse. Look deep into whatsoever issue you're faced with, the answers would immediately becomes very real.

• Like the saying goes, "a problem known is a problem half solved." Identifying the real cause of the problem quickens the effort at reconciling and saving that troubled marriage. I.e. what led to the unfaithful act by the guilty spouse could just be that he or she is not getting enough attention from the other spouse, or it might be that either spouses is not getting enough sexual satisfaction from the other. The issues differs from person to person, identify yours. On identifying what the issues are, address it between yourselves.

• The other issue worth considering is to use the past to your advantage. What were those positive things you shared together in the past that got you attracted to each other at the initial stage of your relationship. Try to rekindle those light-hearted memories you've shared together. This is a powerful tool needed to repair and calm that storm in your marriage. You were attracted to each other because you felt good with yourselves and were fulfilling your emotional needs. If any, Correct bad habit and mistakes that so easily irritate each other.

• Lastly, with an acknowledgement of a crack in the relationship and recognizing associated problems, the determination of the couple now should be channeled at saving the marriage. Let by gone be by gone, open a new chapter to your relationship, let go on the past. Be determined to forge a new course for your marriage. More like renewing you vow again with each other. You are also encouraged to go on a second honey moon. This could really help.

These indeed are very potent road map at restoring that troubled marriage. Easier said than done, though; if practiced, could bring back the spark into that slowly eroding marriage. Be honest with yourselves. This will not only help you save that marriage but also provides you with the skills and base to make your relationship thrive.

Give it a try today.