FREE Budget Spreadsheet for Monthly Calculations

Budget Spreadsheet for Monthly Calculations

Things You Will Need

Some need for information about a personal budget spreadsheet or a free monthly budget spreadsheet template.

Step 1

Before looking for the budget spreadsheet for monthly calculations for your particular needs you should be sure, you have the appropriate program to open a spreadsheet available on your computer. You will need a program capable of opening MS Excel files. Microsoft Office Suite will open these files but if you do not have MSOffice, there are some free programs available such as for Linux, Windows, and for the Mac.

Step 2

A random web search for budget spreadsheet for monthly uses will probably turn up many paid spreadsheet template sites and these are good if you can afford the outlay and prefer their templates. However, the official Microsoft site for MS Office offers budget spreadsheet templates for all purposes and free of charge, so this may be the best option for those watching their cash outlay.

Step 3

Go to the and select the Template tab choose search for "budget spreadsheet" that will bring you to a page listing various types of budget spreadsheet templates for almost any purpose.

Step 4

When you find the budget spreadsheet for monthly calculations that closest fits your purpose then clicks the link in the name and you will be taken to a page displaying a screenshot of the budget spreadsheet. If this looks like a budget spreadsheet that you can use or modify for your own use then select the download button. If you do not have MS Office installed or are not using Internet Explorer you may get an error page. If that happens, scroll down to the very bottom for manual download instructions. Choose an easy to find location for the file. You will need a program on your computer to uncompress the budget spreadsheet. Windows has a compressed folders program installed though Mac users may need to download a compressed files handler. Array

Tips & Warnings

Though the Microsoft office website is a highly trusted site, you should always scan any files you download from the internet with a virus and or spyware program before opening.

Or use a safe online budget website which automatically customizes a budget template for you.