FREE Invoice Templates for Excel

FREE Invoice Templates for Excel

Things You Will Need

Some need for information about an invoice template free of charge or more specifically, a Microsoft invoice template which can be edited.

Step 1

Whether this is your first invoice or your 500th, you may want to know how to find free invoice templates for excel to save time and increase your focus on your business and not on invoicing. You will need Microsoft Excel installed on your computer or an open source program capable of handling these Excel files.

Step 2

Before you begin, you will want to be sure you have three things, MS Excel or an equivalent program, Internet Explorer to avoid error messages, and a decompression program capable of opening files with a .zip extension. Once you have that software you are ready to download your choice of invoice templates for Excel.

Step 3

A trusted site with a good selection of free invoice templates for Excel is the official Microsoft Office site. You do not necessarily need to own MS Office to download these free templates but you must agree to their terms of service and have a genuine copy of Windows if you are a Windows user. Navigate to the official website and under the selection bar choose Office Templates at the very bottom of the dropdown.

Step 4

You will find yourself at a page listing all types of templates for MS Office and you can type in your search term in the Search Template box to narrow down your choices. The words "invoice templates excel" will bring up an excellent selection of different types of free invoice templates for Excel.

Step 5

Under all of the free invoice templates for Excel, you will find the version of Excel required to open the document such as Excel 97 or later as well as a short description of what the invoice template is for and who designed it. If you click the link, you will be taken to a download page with a screenshot of the invoice, and a download link. If you are using Internet Explorer and have Microsoft Excel installed on, your computer clicking the download link will automatically download and open the file. If you use another browser and or do not have Microsoft Excel installed on the computer, you will see an error message. Down at the bottom of the page are full instructions for manually downloading free invoice templates for excel. Follow the directions, remember where you saved the file to, decompress, and open.


Tips & Warnings

All of the free invoice templates for excel with display the Excel version they are compatible with under the description. Though most of these will open with an earlier version, some tabs may not be displayed.