A lot of people are saying that FaceBook will kill off traditional web forums on the Internet. Some web administrators and enthusiasts are in fear that FaceBook is the wave off the future and that forums will dies because of social networking websites such as FaceBook. For many reasons I do not agree and fell that FaceBook is not going to kill off web forums.

Forums on the internet actually have been around for many years. In the early days of the internet bulletin board systems were used. Yes, there was a time before VBulletin. Forums are a way to interact with other people, and not the fear is that everybody uses FaceBook to interact instead of forums.

A quality forum based around a particular niche will always be able to get active members. Some people don't like to use FaceBook and many others use FaceBook in addition to other websites. FaceBook is about anything and everything, while your forum is usually a more focused topic or niche. If your forum is about say Alligator Hunting, then you would be able to find and discuss that topic on FaceBook, but if you manage your forum properly you will have better luck running your own forum with your own domain name as opposed to using FaceBook platform.

By having your own forum with good software you can build up the forum and community behind it. On FaceBook you would be just 1 in 500,000,000 million. On a forum your members can be made to feel like they are part of the forum, and they are. You build up a true forum and you care what happens to the members and users of your forum.

A well-built forum with regular traffic can attract many people into your web forum. If you run your web forum properly some of these people will stick around and become active members on your web forum. You can help give them a feeling of belonging that FaceBook can't. Forums are not going extinct, but you do need to use some quality web forum software such as Xenforo or IPB if you want to stay relevant in this web 2.0 world. PhpBB no longer cuts it.