The way to achieve a younger and fresher complexion does not depend on going under the knife of a cosmetic surgeon. The non invasive face lift is one of the long used methods for face lift without surgery that has proven its worth and effectiveness to beauty and youth enthusiasts. It leaves the skin with a healthy and young looking glow in the absence of knives, injections and painful acid treatments. Its result is permanent.

This face lift without surgery procedure is best for those who are already practicing eating a healthy diet, maintaining good hydration of the skin and getting enough sleep and just need a little more help looking younger. As people grow older, the muscles lose tone. This is a normal process that each person undergoes. The lack of muscle tone is one of the main reasons why it is easy for people to think that weight gain has occurred. This process does not only occur in the body, but also to the face. Facial muscles are not the same as the other muscles in the body. They are connected to the skin that is covering them. When the skin sags, this will directly result in bags under the eyes, chin jowls, sagging brows and turkey necks.

The non surgical face lift includes exercises done to firm up face muscles. To minimize the puffiness, refresh and open the eyes, it is important to locate the inner socket of the eye from the inside. Apply a medium pressure using a finger on the four corners of the eye's inner socket. Hold each point and count up to twenty before releasing. If tenderness is felt, it means that the area is congested. It will be relieved when this method is practiced regularly. In preventing or reducing the amount of the vertical lines in between the eyes, place the three middle fingers in the middle of each eyebrow. Imagine that there is magnetic pulse that is coming out from the fingers to remove the tension on the area. Keep holding for one minute. Repeat the procedure regularly.

For a cheek lift and toning, start working from the nose's corners by placing the thumb on the lower part of the cheekbone and other two fingers on the upper part. Hold it firmly for ten seconds and start working across the facial area. Repeat this procedure three times. Perform the cheek lift procedure again including the bone in the jaw area. Work from the chin going to the ears with both hands. Repeat these four techniques before bedtime every night. This is the best time since the cells are actively starting to regenerate. This will also help in getting a good sleep.

Another way to get a face lift without surgery is with creams, lotions and serums. Moisturizers are not capable of toning the muscle no matter how good the products are. They only keep the skin from dryness and provide nourishment to the layers beneath it, which makes for a younger looking complexion. These techniques paired with a quality moisturizer will work to achieve younger and vibrant skin. Use moisturizers that have sun protection. This will keep the skin from the damage of the harmful rays of the sun and air pollutants. The face lift without surgery is much safer than with surgery.

It is not easy to keep and maintain younger skin for those who are not really serious about it. It is always better and easier to prevent skin damage than treating them. Though facelift through a surgical procedure can eliminate skin damage that has been acquired through the years, improper skin care and the patient's unhealthy lifestyle can cause the same skin imperfection to recur. It is advised to take good care of the body before any flaws start to appear, but this can be counter acted with the face lift without surgery.

The face lift without surgery can also be done with a machine that uses galvanic current. It can take up to six months for the benefits to be fully realized, but it is probably worth it if you do not have to go under the knife.

It is amazing how far we have come as a society when it comes to beauty products and cosmetic procedures. To think that women today would consider surgery to enhance their beauty was completed unheard of one hundred years ago. Now such practices are commonplace. After all, there was the first women who took dark fruit juice or powdered flowers and used them as makeup. That may have seemed radical way back then but undoubtedly she sure must have made quite an impression. So don't think that you are being to vain if you are contemplating a surgical procedure. A consultation with a skilled surgeon can answer many of your questions and if you are sold on doing something to improve your face, then you can opt for the mini face lift. This is not as invasive as a face lift. Cost is much less. These procedures are more expensive than the non surgical approach, but they can all make a difference in sagging skin on the face. If you are okay with it then by all means go for it.

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