Add a finishing touch to your Halloween costume by painting your face to match. While you can find a wide variety of makeup and supplies during the Halloween season, you don't need a large array of specialty products to get started when it comes to face painting. In fact, you may be able to create your desired look with items you already have in your bathroom or a simple and inexpensive palette of cream makeup and a few disposable makeup sponges.

Skull Face Painting
Transform your face into a ghastly skull with white and black face makeup. This tecnique looks impressive but is actually easy to accomplish with a little practice. Start by covering your entire face with white makeup, including your lips. Create the look of empty eye sockets by closing your eyes gently and rubbing black makeup onto your eyelids and under eye area with a makeup sponge. Disguise your nose by drawing a triangle over your nose with black makeup. While these effects will give you a deathly pale appearance, the finishing touch is to transform your lips into skull teeth. Use a black makeup pencil and draw vertical lines on your top and bottom lips approximatley 1/4 to 1/2 inch apart. These lines will separate your white painted lips into skull teeth, especially when you keep your mouth closed.

Mermaid Face Painting
Add colorful scales to your face to complete a mermaid or fish costume. Add the scales to the sides of your eyes, forehead or cheeks to create the desire effect. Stretch a piece of fishnet stocking over the area you wish to cover in scales. You may need a helper to hold the stocking in place while you work. Dip a makeup brush into any powdered eyeshadow or blush and pat the makeup covered sponge over the stocking. The makeup will only adhere to the skin through the holes in the fishnet, creating a spotted or scaly look. Try to avoid rubbing the makeup when you remove the stocking because you may smudge the effect.

Facial Hair
Paint on a full mustache, goatee, bushy eyebrows or even beard stubble to complete a pirate costume or any costume that requires facial hair. You can paint on a mustache, goatee and full eyebrows with a eyeliner pencil or makeup applied with a sponge applicator. Give your facial hair a more realistic appearance by using several shades of makeup in similar colors and filling in the area with short strokes to simulate strands of hair. Create beard stubble by applying cream makeup with a small stipple sponge. Stipple sponges are coarse, textured nylon sponges often sold with Halloween makeup. Dip the stipple sponge into your makeup and pat it onto your face to cover your chin or cheeks with beard stubble.