Finding the right face wash with acne can be difficult. Some are too drying, some clog pores and in the end both end up making your acne worse. The key with acne is to find a face wash that will help balance your skin and allow it to heal. Although the best face wash can vary from person to person I've done some experimenting through the years and have found these face washes to be the best for my acne prone skin.


Jojoba oil Not exactly a soap, I know. But jojoba oil is great at balancinoil(131430)Credit: combination skin and removing makeup and general grime. It's one of the few things that doesn't over dry my skin or break me out. Just massage it into your face, let it sit a couple of minutes then gently remove it with warm water. If I feel like there is still a lot of oil residue after rinsing, I will use one of the following cleansers or scrubs.

Tea Tree Oil Soaps/Bars- Make sure they are all natural and contain as few extra ingredients or fragrances as possible. I like Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil Therapy Bar or The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash.

Honey/Manuka Honey Honey is a fantastic antibacterial that also moisturizes, which makes it a great cleanser for acne prone skin. Manuka honey is slightly more expensive than your average honey but has tons of wonderful healing properties that make it a worthy investment. Or, if you tend to get a bit messy rubbing honey on your face you can try this bar soap.

Olay Regenerist Thermal Mini Peel- Although I am generally very strict about only using natural products on my very sensitive skin this is my one exception. Yes folks, it is that good. This is the one thing that helps with those annoying clogged pores on my forehead. And it slowly but surely helps fade acne marks thanks to exfoliation via glycollic acid. Now that's a double win.

Baking Soda- I actually discovered this in a pinch while traveling. If I am having a dry/peeling or generally dull skin day I find a quick gentle scrub with baking soda leaves me looking and feeling shiny and new. You can use it on it's own or mix a little into your usual face wash to give it an exfoliating boost. water(131429)Credit:

Water- Surely I must be mad right? WRONG. Water was the only thing used for hundreds of years until we invented soap! For those with sensitive skin this may be a great solution to irritation caused by soaps. Of course if you wear makeup, or live in a particuarly congested city, I wouldn't recommended this as you will need some sort of substance to cleanse the modern grime off. Still, maybe it's something to try on your next camping trip eh?


Those are all the facial cleansers that I have found to be effective for acne prone skin. Keep in mind that when starting a new product you may have an initial breakout period as your skin adjusts. So give a few weeks before calling it a bust.