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For years I've been looking for a good face wash to keep my skin perfectly flawless, I've tried a few different things and I wanted to let people know what has worked for me and what may help them out too. My type of skin is oily and these were the types of products I tried using throughout the years of my face wash product searching.

Neutrogena store brand: This was the face wash I first started using when I was in highschool, it worked alright but not good enough, I would still break out sometimes and it took awhile to make the beakouts go away, and once they finally went away a few days later I would break out again. It eventually became useless for me to even use it.

Proactiv: Proactiv worked for me at first, but just not good enough. It did clear my skin up at first, but it wouldn't stay clear for that long. It also dried my face out alot, and their moisturizer didn't work for my face, I used my own and it didn't seem to help my face stay clear so I decided to try other things.

Skin id: I thought skin id seemed like it could help. I took the online test to see what product I should use from the skin id line and ordered it. It did work and it lessened my breakouts, but I still didn't feel like my breakouts were completely gone for good. So while I was still ordering Skin id I decided to try something else that I hadn't heard of before.

Murad: I was searching acne products and I found this! It works for me so great. It tells you that you may not start seeing results until after four weeks, but I saw results after one week. It made blemishes smaller on my face and stoped others from popping up. Compared to all the other acre face washes this one came out on top for me. It doesn't dry out my face and I don't see bleamishes as much as I did before. I love love love this face wash! I can even skip a night of using this and I won't break out the next day like I used to! I think you should give this face wash a try, you can't find it in stores (I order it off ebay because it's cheaper) or you can just go to the murad website.

In Closing

You should give this prduct a try, I'm sure you'll be very happy once you see the results.