What is the Best Face Wash for Acne and Oily Skin

When it comes to washing our faces, many of us often reach for the common bar soap. These regular soap really are not the best way to have a clean and clear face wash.

Avoid using bar soap on sensitive skin on your face as the ingredients that soaps contain are far too harsh to maintain a healthy face skin. Using soap as a cleanser will make it dry and strip your face of its natural oils. It also clogs the pores and gets rid of the skin's PH. It is always advisable that you use soaps that are specifically formulated for your skin type. When looking for a cleanser for your face, first get to know what types of soap are out there and which will work best with your skin type. If you do not know your skin type, get a beauty consultant to help you.

There are, however, bar soaps that are made specifically for the face. These are known as dermatologFace Wash for Sensitive Skin-Caring for Your Faceical soap bars. The difference between dermatological bars and regular soap is the chemical used. The soap bars contain a number of ingredients that are needed to treat skin that is suffering from certain conditions. Those with skin that is prone to acne can opt for a dermatological bar with benzoyl. Peroxide, tea tree face wash and other anti-acne properties are other example of dermatological bars.

Other types of dermatological soaps contain additives to keep the skin's PH balance normal, as well as ointments to prevent dryness.

Emulsions are a more skin-friendly type of cleansing soap that comes in form of cleansing creams, cold creams and milky liquid cleansers. This type of facial soap is gentler on the skin, making it suitable for sensitive skin. But while this type of soap does not disrupt the skin's PH balance, it may clog pores so it is important to find the right one for your skin.

Liquid cleansers are ideal for other skin types. This type of cleanser is actually not considered soap since it does not contain alkali or fatty acids that regular soap do. As a result, the cleansers are much gentler on the skin and less likely to cause inflammation or irritation. They are great for removing make-up and effectively getting rid of oils, bacteria and surface dirt leaving a fine trace of moisturizer film of skin. There are liquid cleansers for just about every skin type out there. However, when looking for a face cleanser, make sure they are free of strong fragrance which are notorious for causing skin irritation.

Cleanser Tips

  • If you have oily skin use gel, liquid cleanser or an oily skin cleansing bar no more than two times per day that is, morning and night. Over-washing won't stop oil flow, but it can irritate the skin
  • For blemish prone skin, wash with gel or liquid cleanser or oily skin facial wash. If your skin is very oily, try a medicated soap or cleanser formulated with triclosan, salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.
  • A moisturizer cleanser should leave dry skin feeling fresh, clean and smooth without dryness. Use a soothing formula twice a day. Make sure you apply a moisturizer after washing your face every time to keep skin healthy and hydrated. 

One of the most important factors of skin care is skin cleansing but it becomes a daunting task during cold weather as skin turns ultra sensitive. A few simple tricks will however, make sure the best face wash for sensitive skin.

  • Switch to a creamy cleanser during the cold season and especially if you suffer from dry skin.
  • The best time to splash on some moisturizer is in the evening, after a warm bath or shower.
  • Limit the use of make-up during colder months, as skin tends to be more reactive and sensitive. If you must use make-up, mix a drop of moisturizer with your liquid foundation for a healthy face skin.

Lastly, to give your skin a glow, wash your face with olive oil. Simply, add a spoonful of olive oil to a bucket of hot water for your bath. If the skin is very dry add sea salt to olive oil and massage your body before taking a bath or shower. Natural facial cleansers are other ways to enhance your youthful look.