Do you know that consumers pay up to 90% for the package and 10% for the actual content when it comes to cosmetics?

So why spend all this money when you can find the best treatments right at home and it costs you practically nothing.

Many of you know about the great benefits of drinking green tea. It is a truly amazing beverage and you can benefit from it not only by drinking. If you use teabags to brew your  tea don’t throw them out. Place them on your eyes and relax for 7-10 min. You will be amazed how refreshed your eyes feel. I actually prefer loose green tea, so I made two small bags out of cheesecloth and they work just fine.

Do you make coffe in the morning? While you are grinding coffee beans, set the grinder on “fine”. After you have brewed your coffee use the grinds as a bodyscrub. Just massage it onto your skin and rinse. I learned this trick in Russia many years ago when it was a problem to buy soap, not to mention a bodyscrub. The grinds make one of the best exfoliants: 100% natural, full of beneficial oils and great at removing those dead skin cells. 

Another use for coffee grinds is a hair rinse. It gives the dark hair a beautiful shine. Just rub coffee grinds in your hair and rinse.

If you still have some coffee grinds left just throw them in a compost pile. But that is a whole different issue I would like to discuss next time.

How about extra virgin olive oil? Every time you make a vinaigrette or you cook with olive oil put just a drop of olive oil on you hands and rub it in gently. It is great for your skin and also protects your hands from dryness. Olive oil can also be used for chapped lips.

Do you have weak or split nails? Try a lemon. Every time after you squeeze a lemon for your water or iced tea use it to rub on your nails. Another benefit is that your hands will smell fantastic. I received this tip from a vietnamese woman in a nail salon a couple years ago and it works beautifully. 

Don’t forget cucumbers. They are 98% water and great for mosturizing your skin. Cucmbers also have an astringent element which can help with problem skin and minimize enlarged pores. There are numerous ways how you can use cucumbers.  This one is simple: when you slice a cucumber next time don’t throw away those ends. Swipe them across your  entire face starting with your eyes.