Facebook is simply an online social network site and is owned by Facebook Inc. Think MySpace. Only with really cool toys. Oh, and minus the blogging aspect. Not that you can't blog. It's just that most tend not to. Facebook tends to be used for fun and frolics - literally connecting with friends or making new ones.

Having said that, Facebook also allows for micro-blogging, which is reminiscent of the style you'll find on Twitter. And, in case you don't know or understand what micro-blogging is, it's merely a multimedia form of creating small text like updates as to what you're doing. Or not - as the case may be.

Fundamentally, Facebook allows individual users to connect with friends, find friends, join and create groups, play interactive games and pretty much be friends with anyone, anywhere, in a semi-virtual world. Meaning that life on the web (generally) is virtual by its very nature but the Facebook users are real. And Facebook brings the world a whole lot closer - via its social platform/site.

Best of all, it's free to join. No cash outlay, no catches, you simply sign up and you're away. And that's when the fun begins. All you have to do is connect with friends you already know or start looking for friends by making use of the friends' finder tool and you're off to a good start.

In a nutshell, once on Facebook you can:

  • Make friends

  • Track friends

  • Join groups - and add to discussions

  • Create groups

  • Interact - write micro-blogs and comment on friends' messages

  • Create a photo album and share your highs - and lows - with your friends

  • Chat one to one with friends - providing they're online

And here's what you can't do:

  • Chat in groups - there's no forum or open chat facility

  • Load media files - as yet no ability to load video and music files

Not too bad then.

Facebook is open to anyone that is 13 years of age and over. And, as of February this year, Facebook is now considered as the best social networking site on the web, according to usage. There is so much more to Facebook than can be written in a general overview but hopefully, this has covered the basic aspects.

Consequently, if you haven't already joined, yet you want to connect with friends or shout out to the world at large 'hey!', then Facebook is considered the place to be.