With 2.23 billion monthly active users worldwide, Facebook is one of the social networking sites with the highest number of active users. Facebook's system is affordable when it comes to driving traffic to web pages. It not only assists in targeting the right niche audience, but it also enhances effective communication between businesses and clients. However, the current record shows that more than four million companies are now advertising on Facebook, but many advertisements promoted on the platform get suspended. Read further to find out why.

Facebook suspends accounts because of the following reasons:

  1. The cybercriminal activities of hackers compel the system to suspend advertisement for security reason. The reputation of Facebook can be tarnished if an active user account gets hacked and billions of money get stolen from the credit or debit card. Thus, any unusual activity, such as excessive spending for a short period, compels Facebook to suspend or disable an account automatically.

  2. Many users break the rules and end up getting their account suspended. Users violate the Facebook advertising policy. Some of the policies that can lead to an account suspension include:

  • Using words which imply gambling

  •  Matching a non-functional landing page to the advertisement; an advertisement must not lead to an external landing page that provides an unexpected or disruptive experience.

  • Promoting the sale of deadly weapons

  • Advertising illegal items

  • Using hate speech in content; one should avoid using words that can inflict physical, emotional, psychological, or financial injury.

  • Using immoral pictures or video in the advertisement; e.g. pornographic picture or video

  • Advertising tobacco products

  • Publishing content that violates the rights of a third party

  • Publishing content that is violent

  • Having materials in the advertisement that assert or imply attributes that are personal, such as direct and indirect assertions or implications of a person’s race, religion, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, medical condition (mental health), financial status, criminal record, beliefs, name, or age

  • Publishing advertisement that produces deceptive, misleading, or false content, such as fraudulent claims, offers, or business practices

  • Publishing advertisement that exploits controversial political or social issues for commercial purposes

  • Publishing advertisement that promotes the sale of mobile phone trackers, hidden surveillance equipment, or spy cams

  • Using profanity

  • Posting images that do not portray existing functionality

  • Publishing content that creates a negative perception

  • Promoting payday loans, short-term loans or paycheck advances

  • Advertising business models that offer quick compensation for little investment

It is better to read Facebook's policies and strictly follow them to avoid account suspension.