How Facebook helps in dating and nurturing relationships

Imagine that you have just met someone whom you find extremely handsome and attractive but you are unsure about how to make the first move. Most people who fall in love goes through the same predicament. One of the best things you could do is to hone your social media skills and log on to your Facebook account.

We all know that Facebook is the most happening thing today, and has been for quite some time. Facebook is a great tool to keep contact with your friends and family no matter where they stay. But Facebook also plays a great role in nurturing the relationships of those in love. Ask any couple who stays apart how Facebook helps them to maintain their relationship. Today Facebook is set to take up an important role in dating and creating healthy relationships.

Let’s refer to your problem. How will you get to know more about that handsome fellow and find ways to approach him? Start by checking his profile on Facebook, which will reveal a lot about him. You can gather basic information, such as his interests and hobbies, to see if you have things in common. The pages that he promotes will also uncover some of his inner person. Next time when you meet him you can talk about his interests and floor him with the knowledge you have gathered about him. This will, in a subtle way, let him know that you are drawn towards him and he will most likely also start to show interest in you.

The Facebook wall divulges a lot about what kind of persons we are. The things we share on the wall and the way we communicate shows our inner self. A person who communicates frankly and honestly with friends is most likely a better “catch” than someone who uses objectionable posts or frequently uses slangs or profane language.

You can get acquainted with someone on Facebook by writing on each others walls or, if you want to be a bit more discreet, send private messages. Sharing funny pictures and videos are a great way to laugh “together” and start to build a relationship. Facebook can, if you know how to use it properly, be the perfect medium to initiate a real life romance.

But beware! Facebook has its own share of drawbacks. There are instances where people have used fake profiles to get access to information that were not meant for them. There is always a “privacy risk” involved when using Facebook. Refrain from sharing too much of your personal details to avoid awkward situations.

Facebook continues to rule our world and will do so in the future. So next time you fall for someone, do not forget to check his Facebook profile. You never know, maybe you will find your life partner and get to change your Facebook status from “Single” to “In a relationship”.

Facebook and relationships