Get Viral With Facebook

When I made my Facebook profile back in October 2008 I really did not believe that one day I may use it in my work. It was the trendy thing to do back then – all my colleagues in university were registering and uploading photos like crazy so why not me as well – something new never hurts.

For the better part of the next four and a half years I did not consider Facebook seriously – some PMs to friends, some new photos of classmates who were living abroad, a game or two here and there. It was some months ago when my boss told me to survey the options of marketing in Facebook that I came out of my oblivion. The social network has become a money-making machine for the players who knew how to use it.

Now when you mention web marketing to people who are distantly acquainted to the term, the first association is Google Adwords. But this in my opinion is marketing in its purest form – you pay a certain amount of money so that your site is listed above the competition. It is like renting the best shop at Piccadilly Circus.

The philosophy of the Facebook ads is much different. Their message is somehow more subtle – the ad banner is usually in the right sidebar of the screen and you can easily neglect it. Also, Facebook is not a browser, unlike Google. You do not enter it with the idea to search for specific information – you use Facebook to check up with some friends or just waste quarter of an hour (although some of my friends may waste a quarter of a day). So the success of your Facebook ad depends on its appeal and even no small amount of success.

But even besides that, the social network is a must-have weapon in your marketing arsenal. No business is considered serious any more unless it has a Facebook page. But even that is no longer enough – your page has to be well designed and updated regularly, offering as much information as possible, presented in a client-friendly and appealing way.

Since many people of the older generation, especially business owners, look condescending on Facebook, they do not actually understand it has become an essential part of the everyday routine of millions of young people. To neglect or underestimate the marketing potential of such a media is almost criminal.

SEO-wise, Facebook is even more important. Based on the fact that Google evaluates the quality of the back link to your site on the basis of the reputation of the original site where it comes from, it is hard to think of anything that can rival Facebook (the only two suggestions that come to my mind are Wikipedia and YouTube). The more people like your Facebook page, the greater the quality and importance if the link that it generates. This has led to Facebook page optimization, buying of Facebook likes, multiple accounts and so on, which is the ugly, but somehow inevitable side of optimization.

So my advice would be – the moment you start optimizing your site, think how best to promote it in Facebook. You will be amazed by the dividends of the time invested.