Facebook is Directing our Future

The future is something that nobody knows.  The truth is though; Facebook might be changing our future.  Years back before the world knew of such social networks as MySpace and Facebook we had different initiatives and goals for the future.  In general people could control their own destinies within reason.  Today we see this might be different and Facebook is the reason. 

In the past the world has run like a well-oiled machine, where people work hard and find a career and stick to it.  Now, this has all changed, for the most part we are a very mobile modern world.  This means we are not grounded to stay in one geographic region.  One reason this is possible is from the social networks.  Social networks are not just for talking with friends and sharing pictures.  They can be used for sharing and submitting resumes for jobs half way across the world. 

The future is now potentially being driven by those who are the most connected.  The world is now a smaller place.  Companies now in this global economy have far more resumes and resources to choose from.  These companies are also able to reach a vast audience for doing business.

The family’s future is another area that is being changed by Facebook.  Years ago families were much closer.  Many relatives lived in the same town or at least in the same state.  Now people are living all across the country and even world for jobs.  This has dramatically changed the structures of the family.

Possible career paths are another topic that has been affected by social networks like Facebook.  Many people these days feel like they have to get to a certain level of success to be worth something.  Unfortunately this has forced many people away from their true passions.  This has made some go into careers just for the money and prestige titles.  If it was not for the social networks, these people would have followed their hearts and done the career that they love no matter the pay. 

These are just some of the areas of the future that are being affected by Facebook.  There others but, this gives you an understanding of how Facebook is directing the ways are future will run.  Some people may now be thinking how this has personally affected them from reading this.  Facebook should not be affecting the future of so many people that just want to do what they love and be with the ones they love.