Facebook Ecommerce
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Facebook Ecommerce

Facebook E-commerce

Social media is one of the best advertising mediums to sell your products. Facebook is a leading social media site with billions of users. With its popularity across the globe, many advertisers and marketers see its potential in boosting their revenues.

Indeed, Facebook e-commerce has tremendous potential to attract customers and convince them to buy your product. By  using e-commerce apps in Facebook, you can showcase and market your brand. Below are popular Facebook e-commerce applications which you can use to promote your own product or brand.

  • Ecwid

    Ecwid is one of the best Facebook e-commerce applications because of its free plan offerings. It allows entrepreneurs to add maximum of 10 products. It does not require transaction fees wherein you can start promoting your brand with only few items.
  • Shopify Apps

    This e-commerce app is known for being user-friendly with 100+ cart templates. It has amazing features that makes it more appealing than any other e-commerce app providers. Also, Shopify Apps offer free card reader, discount codes, and unlimited products.
  • Storefront Social

    Storefront Social is a store app that suits well for well-known brands as well as for newly established business. It also works with self-hosted shopping with interesting features. Some awesome features of this store app include social sharing, product categorization, product search, bestsellers highlighting, and button customization through product feeds using XML or Google Base Feed.
  • iFrame App

    With the use of  iFrame App, adding customized Facebook tab from your fan page is more convenient. You can display your inserted text on the custom tab to attract your target audience.
  • Beetailer

    It is also one of the most popular e-commerce apps in Facebook designed for larger brand. However, it is only limited to MagentoGo, Magento, Prestashop, Shoify, and Amazon. It has available free option for maximum of 30 products.  It has also several built-in marketing tools to facilitate easy scheduling of sales, updates, product listings.

  • Aweber Web Form App

    Aweber will allow you to add email subscribers from your fan page using a web form application installed on your fan page. It is a good way to easily get in touch with your fans. If your fans asked for other details, link to this app using your brand or product’s timeline.

 Important Things to Consider in Choosing Your Facebook E-commerce Application

  • Customization and code
  • Functionality of marketing tools
  • Flexibility of the shipping options            

Remember that you have to choose the e-commerce app which will create direct impact conversion rates, return on investment, and revenues.