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Facebook has announced that they now prefer video clips as a means to better rank business pages. This indicates a major shift in the company's ranking algorithm. Previously, images were of major importance on business pages. Now video clips are recognized as being far more engaging with the audience.

Since the Internet began, technology has become enhanced for visual elements. In fact, the expansion of HTML was due in large part to the support that it brought for vibrant images. For designers, the web allowed true WSIWYG, or "What you see is what you get". This refers to the edit style that translates the designer's working screen into a direct equivalent for viewers. Too many other display programs, such as word processors, did not allow a direct equivalent view.

The situation was never the same for video, however. Most all video clips had to be displayed exactly as they were created. The problem of video has always been the bandwidth. Bandwith refers to the amount of data transfer resources that are used to deliver video clips. In the days of slow Internet, video was a big user of resources. Facebook was implemented with very little support for video.

In the absence of social media support for video, others, such as YouTube and Vimeo, stepped in to offer supporting platforms. Over the years, these platforms have greatly increased in popularity. This has translated into better marketing opportunities, and revenue possibilities, through the increased amount of traffic. Finally, Facebook has recognized the need to migrate to an increasingly moving image world.

What Does This Mean For Businesses?

As a business with a social media page, you should enhance your own presence. That means that you should chance to support the types of technologies which are preferred by the ranking algorithms. For now, that means a shift away from older static images. By making, and posting, your own business clips, preferably in HD format, you can address the needs of the updated rank strategy. As a result, your importance to your existing, and potential customers, will be increased as your page is highlighted on their timeline.

What You Can Do
You can either purchase your own video development tool such as VideoMakerFX, or you can contract visual services. By choosing a contract agency that already has VideoMakerFX, you can be sure that you are dealing with someone who has a great deal of flexibility.

What VideoMakerFX Offers Your Business
With VideoMakerFX, your business can create HD clips that are vibrant. They can include animations, dynamic text, whiteboard drawings, and much more. In fact, there are now over 200 available scenes to choose from. Many of the scenes can be customized with background images, making the possibilities endless. The result can be a visual masterpiece, one that will engage with page fans, attract new customers, and be well received by the new social media visibility strategies.

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What You Need For VideoMakerFX

To create your own video, you only need to have the application. With it, you can include dynamic text and various character animations. There are over 200 scenes available, as mentioned. In addition, the application ships with 20 licensed background audio tracks. These are royalty free for business use. For customizing purposes, you can add standard digital images that you take with your own camera. These can be added to clips as background or highlighted images. Again, you get more flexibility.

Available Bonuses
Now you can get two great bonus packages when you order the video production application. You will get an additional 40 tracks of background audio. These are also licensed for royalty free business use with your videos. You also get a special Instant Video Template pack which includes ten complete clips. Simply replace the slide content with your own text and images. With these, you can produce your own work in a fraction of the time.

The Future
While no one knows what social media platforms will desire in the future, odds are that engaging content will be important. This follows the patterns that have been established for the past 20 years. Simple text was important first. Vibrant imagery quickly became as important. Moving pictures are now important. HD format is as well. The pattern requires that businesses continually adapt. Luckily, the investments in technology are low. Good quality digital cameras are relatively inexpensive. The quality of their images are better than ever. In fact, today's inexpensive models provide quality that was impossible to attain, for any price, just a few years ago.

Recommended Options
In addition to a good digital camera, you can purchase a solid tripod. This will allow photos to be more professional looking. Despite the ability of cameras to lock the focus automatically, they can't perform miracles. A tripod gives the technology a good platform on which to build.

A video camera can also be helpful. These are similar to fixed cameras as they have become more inexpensive, and powerful, over the years. While they can produce clips of any particular length, they do not eliminate the need for presentation applications such as VideoMakerFX. In fact, they work very well together. A short piece of footage can be pieced together with dynamic text, and animations, to create a more spectacular visual experience.

Often, a voice-over track is a great addition to your multimedia projects. You can use a good quality microphone attached to your computer. The free open-source application Audacity is great at recording your voice track. You can edit the sound so that annoying pauses or errors are eliminated. If you do studio work, a headset with microphone is an effective tool. For interview purposes, a Lavalier lapel microphone is a great choice. These are available as both wired and wireless models.

Studio productions involve a lot of specialized gear. For most businesses, the effort is not particularly cost effective. Contract out professional interviews for the best effect. For regular fan connections, the presentations produced with VideoMakerFX, by staff or contractors, is often more than enough for your page.

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