How Do You Conduct Yourself Online

Facebook is the king of social media networking and everybody and their mother is using this application. Even people that have left Facebook seem to always come back sooner or later. Find old friends and family members that you haven't seen is years is a fantastic benefit that Facebook offers. Ever wondered what happened to that classmate that use to be your nearest and dearest, eventually you find them, or they find you. Facebook offers so much to the user, however, there is a level of Facebook etiquette that should be practiced when using this form of media.

While you can find many friends, you can also do things to injure those connections if you are not careful. When using media without making sure that you have properly made list for family, friends, and colleagues, and tweaked your privacy settings correctly for each group can bring some unwelcome surprises. Events, parties, pictures, and even status updates might sound funny at times to your friends, however, they might not be appropriate for your boss or your mother. Not only that, these little harmless good times can be detrimental in illustrating responsible and maturity to that next potential employer. If you do not know how to set up your privacy control, this is something that you should take the time to educate yourself on because it will be worth it in the long run.

Another thing that you should consider is how you handle your friends contents when posting and sharing comments and pictures online. Posting what seems to be a funny picture or comment to you could cause long lasting effects for those you care about. Posting a picture of someone drinking out at a party or falling off a log might have been hilarious the night before, however, that person may not think that this was their proudest moment the next day. They certainly don't want it to spread around the net and possibly have it possible go viral. You should let someone know that you are about to post pictures of them beforehand. Some people like to be seen in their best light because they may have a business online, or they may be trying to build a personal brand. Posting tidbits about their personal life might make you think that you are being a good friend, when in reality you could be damaging their reputation.

Also be wary or sharing controversial content on your profile. You can always join groups that discuss issues that interest you. I am not saying that you shouldn't be yourself and stand up for your beliefs, I am just saying that there is a time and place for everything. Making a comment about something is fine, but doing it in every other post can be annoying to those that are bombarded with it. Furthermore, a constant announcement of your latest victory in the games that you play online can become a pain. Occasionally posting something that someone can benefit from in a mutual game is fine, but no one really wants to know that you just bought on new cow. I have been guilty of it myself.

Another thing that Facebook is not for and that is personal agendas such as arguments between you and acquaintances. Getting in a personal cussing match on a news feed only shows your ignorance and immaturity. People may read and think that it is funny if they are your immediate friends, however, others will look upon you as being socially inept and uneducated. You know what I mean because we have all seen them. If someone does this to you immediately unfriend them and remove their comments so that others don't think that you conduct yourself that way. Don't make a comment or statement about afterwards either, just completely ignore it and it will go away.

Don't befriend your ex on Facebook if you are in a new relationship. If they pursue it just send them a message and tell them that this will only cause hard feelings between you and your significant other. Don't use pseudo names to befriend those that you are trying to cheat with either. Someone did that to my boyfriend no sooner than he sat up his Facebook page, and he finally just took it down. It was one of those trouble makers trying to get us into a fight. He was enjoying finding family members and friends that he had not seen in a while, and they ruined it for him.

And finally, don't make comments around others that having a Facebook page will make nosey people look at your stuff. Plenty of people have plenty of friends and the lights are not going off in the sky because you put up a Facebook page. Yes, there are busybodies everywhere, and their will be people that are nosey. Setting your privacy setting for your list of acquaintances will handle this situation for you without having to offend anyone. Making statements like this in front of a group of people makes those around you wonder if you are implying that they live and breathe on your every word. If you don't want a Facebook page then don't create one, and if this is your attitude you might not have as many friends request as you thought you would.