Online fundraising has become very important when it comes to raising money online for your favorite cause / nonprofit.  Nonprofits no longer need to spend valuable time and energy raising money door to door or sending out letters in the mail.  Now nonprofits can accept donations online from anyone anywhere.  Fundraising Online has completely changed the fundraising game. Nonprofits must now figure out new fundraising strategies that will work in this new online environment to reach new donors and spread awareness about their mission.

Social media is now a major part of online fundraising. With millions of people on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn nonprofits can reach a huge audience in seconds.  The trick to social media is utilizing it in an effective manner. A nonprofit can tweet or post about their online fundraising event to their supporters but the real power of social media comes when these supporters and friends re tweet or post again about your fundraising page to their friends, and their friends share with their friends and so on.  Don't forget to track and make best use of your social media activity.

Our solution:  Integrate your nonprofits Facebook Page into your Online Fundraiser and make posting effortless.  It's always been easy to share your Connect To Charity fundraiser on Facebook and now it just became easier.  It's proven that when supporters and friends see your Facebook feed on your fundraising page, the temptation takes over to share your fundraiser with their friends.  Plus, it's easier than ever to type a quick comment and watch as your fundraiser and nonprofit is shared with hundreds of potential supporters.  Below are great examples of online fundraising pages with integrated Facebook pages.  

Now, donors and supporters can instantly share your fundraising web page with their friends via posting a comment to their Facebook wall and friends wall directly from your nonprofit fundraising page. Previously donors and supporters had to make a conscious effort to log into social media sites and post a comment themselves. Now they can comment straight through your fundraising page, then make a safe and secure donation to your fundraiser.  The idea behind the additional integration is that if we can help make it easy for donors and supporters to comment and share your fundraising page with their friends, the more opportunity exists for you to reach new donors.

By further integrating with Facebook, Connect To Charity hopes to offer another way for donors to help support a fundraiser, take it viral, and raise money online.  Plus, it's a great way to help spread the word about your nonprofits Facebook Page.