Castle Age is an online game available for Facebook and MySpace. Like many Facebook games it gives you the option of buying play time or in game items with credit cards or by completing offers. You can turn time via offers into rewards(called favor points) but these offers are also usable for cash rewards on other sites. Also like other Facebook games, you have to borg up your friends count in the game to be competitive and to access all the features. Fortunately, the maximum benefit is at 501 friends and you can borg your friends up using the Castle Age forums. This does add a lot of clutter to your facebook page however.

Castle Age is a Facebook rpg. And like many RPGs there is min/maxing. On the Castle Age forums you can find many arguments over whether a stamina or energy build is best for power leveling. They discuss which battles and quests provide the best rewards to points spent. Many table-top roleplaying game purists will be upset but a successful computer roleplaying game is all about how effective the min/maxing is. And Castle Age does present some intriguing options.

Unfortunately, there are some useless stats like health which seems to provide almost no benefit whatsoever. In some facebook games, health is at least part of an achievement but not so in Castle Age.

Loading times for Castle Age can be slow at times but they are still pretty good and there is almost no "lag" or crashes.

For people who want a game to play once and then drop then Castle Age is not the game for them. Most of the fun parts of the game like participating in raids or battling challenging monsters with a large army(which requires friend borging) take place later in the game. There are also several blessings that can be acquired which require players to visit once a day.

Castle Age does have some benefits for those who detest friend borging. Unlike mafia wars which requires lots of friends to be successful in pvp, Castle Age has a duel option which takes army size out of the equation. So, if you don't have a large army stamina won't be useless for you like it would be in say Mafia Wars.

Castle Age is a pretty simple Facebook style RPG with good min-maxing options. If you're looking for a story, look elsewhere. If you love number crunching and seeing how fast you can powerlevel then Castle Age is the game for you.